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Figuretoon Quickies

"The Silent Treatment"

Chell and Gordon Freeman are both videogame characters of the silent protagonist type - Gordon just doesn't talk much, and Chell is being quiet to annoy the people testing her. So what would happen if they met?

This was inspired by a fan-film that paired the two. Since Chell can't stand without her base, we had to find something of equal thickness to put under Gordon's feet, to keep their sizes consistent. The figures actually looked better next to each other with their positions swapped (due to the way they hold their guns), but then the punchline would be on the wrong side of the panel. Of course, we could have given Gordon's lines to Chell (with an appropriately anatomic swap), but he's the one who's a giant nerd: we don't know what her personality is like.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Chell: (thinking) Get it together, Chell - why do you always clam up when you meet a cool, suave guy?
Gordon: (thinking) Oh god it's a girl! A girl! What do I say? How's my breath? Don't look at her boobs! Don't look at her boobs!

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