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Figuretoon Quickies

"Kinder Surprise"

Look out, Stormtrooper! The red xenomorph is right behind you, and sees you messing with its younglings! Stop playing with that thing and pick up your gun!

The "eggs" are small tomatoes somebody left in the OAFE office breakroom. We darkened them so they were closer in color to the Genocide Alien. Yes, they all really stand on end like that, and yes, the stripped-down Sandtrooper can really hold one without falling over.

The name of the strip isn't "kinder" with a long I sound (like "more kind"), but "kinder" with a short vowel, as in "kindergarten." As everyone who's not an American knows, a Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg with a toy inside. There's something inside the egg this poor guy found, and it's even more likely to cause choking than a small plastic toy is!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Stormtrooper: TK-731 to base: wait'll you see this cool egg I found!

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