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"#GamerGate's Laughable Goals"

J. Jonah Jameson uses his paper to push his own agenda over the facts, but is still more respectable than these assholes.

Lies #GamerGate has told:

  • She slept with a reviewer in exchange for a favorable review. (He never reviewed her game.)
  • There is a conflict of interest because he wrote about her before their relationship started. (That's not what a conflict of interest is.)
  • She slept with her boss for a promotion. (Emphatically false.)
  • She made up the harassment and the fact that she received threats which caused her to flee her home. (Screenshots prove that false.)
  • She did it to herself. (No evidence.)
  • She lied about donating proceeds to charity. (The charity confirms her donation. In return, #GamerGate began harassing the charity.)
  • She slept with someone so her game would win an award instead of Papers Please. (PP won the award in question; her game got an honorable mention.)
  • She ruined a charity event that competed with one she was running. (She did not.)
  • #GamerGate is about ethics, not harassment. (See the same screenshots as above.) (See also this list of ethical problems #GamerGate has never cared about.)
  • #GamerGate and the #NotYourShield hashtag are organic movements of people outraged about corruption. (Both were artificially created to draw attention away from the facts.)
  • #GamerGate is about defending videogame fans. (No one is attacking videogame fans. No one wants you to stop playing games you like.)
  • Jenn Frank failed to disclose a conflict of interest. (It was in her story. Her editors - professional journalists - recognized that it was an insignificant connection.)
  • The PR person for The Stanley Parable slept with someone to get the game an award. (The award it won was "audience's choice.")

That is not a complete list, sadly. The short version is this: none of the things the female programmer was accused of were true, but learning that did nothing to stop the rage and hatred directed toward her.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

JJJ: I'm the publisher of a major daily newspaper who regularly rails against my city's #1 superhero.
JJJ: I've literally hired people to kill him.
JJJ: And I still have a better grasp of "ethical journalism" than anyone in #GamerGate!

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