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Ultimate Green Goblin

Amazing Spider-Man 2
by yo go re

This is Ultimate Green Goblin. We just wanted to make that clear right at the outset.

In the Ultimate universe, Peter Parker got his powers from a genetically modified spider. Once Norman Osborn figured that out, he decided to double-down on his own DNA, and that somehow turned him into a giant green monster because &*$@ logic!

Ultimate Green Goblin is the Build-A-Figure for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 tie-in line of Marvel Legends. Buy the six figures in the line (or "nine," once you count all the various swap figures), and you get nine pieces that let you assemble the full figure: six bodyparts and three accessories. (If you buy all the figures, you end up with an extra head, torso and leg.) The pieces fit together with a click, and we wouldn't recommend trying to take them apart again, because that would be foolish.

Ultimate Green Goblin has looked different pretty much every time he's appeared. First he was large and muscular, but only his head and hands were green. Then he was completely green, but slightly smaller than before. Basically, he keeps giving himself larger and larger doses of the OZ formula, so he keeps getting more monstrous. This verion sees Gobby at his biggest, so the body is the same mold as movie Hulk. To make him less Hulky and more Goblinish, he gets new feet (apparently a single [digital] sculpt, just mirrored to create two), new hands and new arms. The new pieces have a noticeably rougher texture than the reused ones, and there are big bone spikes on his forearms, elbows and shoulders.

Also, he's wearing pants. In Green Goblin's early appearances, Mark Bagley tried to draw him in a costume - wristbands, belt, a big tattered cape - but that's because he didn't quite get what Brian Michael Bendis was going for: given the choice, Bendis would have had be running around naked. Eventually, the comics did get there, but the only time he had torn pants like this was in the Ultimate Six miniseries.

The bone spurs came later, during Stuart Immonen's run on the book. In fact, so did the horns and the "beard" of spikes running along the jawline - but not at the same time. When his horns poked out to the sides like this, his chin was (comparatively) smooth; when he had chin-knobs, his horns pointed forward. This is sort of a "greatest hits" GG.

In addition to being big and strong and scary, Ultimate Green Goblin apparently also had pyrokinetic abilities. I always thought he just happened to catch on fire because it looked cool. Anyway, to show that off, the figure has three flame pieces: one for each arm, and one for his back. The wrist pieces don't hug the arms the way they should, and the flames on his back have a few bits that are clearly meant to be more bony spikes, but are unpainted. That would be easy to fix, though.

The figure is 8¼" tall thanks to his horns, and has as much articulation as any other 6" Marvel toy: ankles, knees, thighs, hips, torso, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and neck. He's a much darker green than Hulk was, and his pants are dark blue. Both his hands are open, to better show off his big claws. In the comic the spikes on his arms were the same color as his skin, rather than being exposed bone, but that might have looked weird here.

When these figures were first shown off at New York Comic Con last year, some news site or other (I honestly forget which one) fell all over themselves asking "is this our first look at the movie Green Goblin?!" Of course it's not, dummy. It is, like we said at the top of the review, Ultimate Green Goblin. When it was pointed out that the series also included Ultimate Beetle, the site's response? "Maybe Beetle is in the movie too!!1!" Oh, come on: you're supposed to be a legitimate site, use some common sense. There was never a chance this was a movie toy, it's always been an addition to the ranks of Ultimate Marvel action figures. A good addition.

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-- 05/05/14

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