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Avengers: Age of Ultron
by yo go re

Wait... this isn't Ralph Bohner! [You didn't see that coming? --ed.]

Quicksilver's ultra-high-speed capabilities are a major asset to the Avengers in the fight against Ultron.

Back when Disney and Fox were two separate companies, the division of the Marvel properties between them was mostly straightforward: characters associated with the X-Men and Fantastic Four were useable by Fox, characters associated with the Avengers were useable by Disney. Seems like it would be pretty straightforward, but there were some oddities - like Black Panther debuting in the pages of Fantastic Four, but still ending up part of the MCU. But things really came to a head when both studios wanted to use Quicksilver: he was a mutant who first appeared as a member of Magneto's evil Brotherhood, but joined the Avengers not even halfway into the second year of the book. A strong arguement could be made for him to belong to either camp, which is why both studios were allowed to use him... with some caveats.

MCU Quicksilver was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who's a lot more serious in the role than Evan Peters. This was the grumpy, impatient Pietro we knew from the comics. He's got the shaggy gray hair, with a dark wash to give it detail and depth, and a bit of stubble included in the Photo Real face print. It looks nice, but maybe an alternate head with the hair blowing back off his forehead would have worked, too?

Over the course of a single movie (and a Winter Soldier post-credits scene), Pietro and Wanda go from medical test subjects to Hydra agents to homeless to Avengers, so Quicksilver never had time to get a real costume - he just goes into battle wearing someone else's gym clothes. Seriously, he gets into somebody's locker at Avengers Tower and finds a two-tone blue shirt with jagged silver bits that suggest lightning bolts; so who was dressing like comicbook Quicksilver before he showed up? There was no name on the locker and no one ever commented on him wearing their clothes, so it's a mystery!

The articulation is plentiful enough to get him into whatever kind of running pose you'd like, or even to save Hawkeye from a bunch of bullets. (And side note: how is it that so many people don't understand what happened in that scene? Quicksilver didn't stand in front of Hawkeye and the kid or just stop next to them, he pushed them out of the way to safety, literally moved them, leaving him standing where they'd been an instant before. It's not that hard, people; it's right there on the screen.) The "pinless" joints on the elbows and knees were a bit stiff, but at least they weren't stuck. You get your choice of fists or hands with the first two fingers extended.

Quicksilver was one of the first Infinity Saga figures revealed, and at first it seemed like the line would have an Ultron Build-A-Figure. No, it simply turns out Pietro comes with a bunch of broken Ultron parts, from the many drones he beat the crap out of in the third act of the movie. There's a chest, a right arm, and a head with a spinal coumn attached. If these were flesh and blood instead of metal, it would be utterly gruesome! There's no articulation, and the pieces don't fit together or anything, but they're still a cool inclusion. It would have been neat if every figure in this line came with some parts, so you could really build up a pile of bodies, but that wouldn't really make sense for characters who weren't from Avengers: The Second Invasion.

After Wandavision, it's disappointing the "Marvel Legacy" X-Men movie toys didn't include a Days of Future Past Quicksilver - not just because he's the awesomer of the two versions, but because it could stand in for our boy Bohner as well. Yes, we needed this Quicksilver to go with his sister, but we need the other one as well. Considering Hasbro is working on a series of Disney+ Legends, maybe he can be released there. And then you can make the two versions race.

-- 03/14/22

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