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Avengers (Gamerverse)
by yo go re

I don't think this is what "Cyber Monday" was supposed to be about.

Jocasta's superhuman force fields and electromagnetic beams make her a valuable ally of the Avengers.

Also she's a robot, so why doesn't the bio mention that? People like to joke about how convoluted the X-Men family tree is, but the Avengers are right up there with them. Hank "Ant-Man" Pym created Ultron, who created Vision based on the brain engrams of Simon "Wonder Man" Williams; therefore Vision is Hank's grandson and Simon's "brother." After Vision rebelled, Ultron decided to create a daughter/wife, and based his new creation's mind on Janet "The Wasp" Van Dyne, making Jocasta Wasp's sister and also Ant-Man's granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law. For bonus points, Vision married Scarlet Witch, whose sister(ish?) Polaris dated Alex Summers, meaning this entire mess is now intertwined with the Summers/Grey family tree as well. And for bonus bonus points, Young Avengers' Vision was a combination of regular Vision and a version of Kang the Conqueror, who may be either an ancestor or descendant (or both) of either Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom (or both), so the Fantastic Four is in this too. But yeah, "force fields and electromagnetic beams," that's the important part.

Rather than one of Marvel's many super-metals, Jocasta's body is just made from regular ol' titanium steel. This leaves her with a shiny silver body, like DC Comics' Platinum, but unlike Platinum, she doesn't wear a metal minidress - rather, it's almost a plain nude body, with only the suggestion of a bathing suit covering her robo-shame. While the art often showed her with seams suggesting boots and gloves, this toy doesn't get that - the limbs come from the curvy body, and while they did make the studded garter on her left leg as a separate piece, they didn't paint any indication of pseudo-clothes on the arms and legs. The torso is new, though it probably didn't need to be; instead of simply painting her "swimsuit" parts a different color than her "skin" parts, those are sculpted right onto the body. Who else are those molds ever going to be used for?

(And to get this out of the way right now: no, this body won't work for Lilandra Neramari any more than Silver Sable did; the silver/grey on the Lilandra head has a distinctly blue tint, while Jocasta's is more yellow. The search continues!)

Jocasta's head has always been weird. The idea was probably to make it look like she had hair (because when you're building a robotic daughter-wife, you really want to make sure everybody knows she's a girl), but in practice it ends up looking like she has horns, like Saesee Tiin or a muskox. It's the way they smoothly blend into the bar that sticks down over her nose. The face behind that big helmet thing looks stoic and impassive, and the red eyes are the only spot of color to be found, though the varying shades of silver used to differentiate different parts of her work are a subtle touch.

The new torso doesn't bring any new articulation with it, so she's got ankles, knees, thighs, hips, a chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, neck, and head. The hair-horns lift far enough away from the chest that her head can move pretty well. The figure includes alternate "gesturing" hands so you can pretend she's projecting her force fields. Her important, important force fields.

She's also got a part of the Series 2 Build-A-Figure, Joe Fixit. She gets the torso, a giant body in a suit that's not the Kingpin mold. It'd be a great base for a classic Mr. Hyde at some point.

Jocasta has never had an action figure before. She never had one from ToyBiz, never had a 4" figure, never had a Minimate... the closest thing was a HeroClix, so Hasbro is really breaking new ground with this one. She may not be the most popular Avenger ever, but the toy turned out pretty cool.

-- 11/30/20

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