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New 52 Superwoman

DC Comics Super-Villains
by yo go re

It would be tremendously lazy to make an evil Wonder Woman who hates men. Maybe that's why this one loves men - perhaps a few too many of them.

From their world to ours, come the sinister Crime Syndicate. Superwoman wreaks havoc and no one can stand in her way... not even Wonder Woman!

There have been three versions of the Crime Syndicate: Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and New 52. The first Syndicate's Superwoman was just an evil Amazon with a skunk stripe in her hair. The second was the last living Amazon, having killed the rest; she left Damnation Island to journey to Patriarch's World, took the alias "Lois Lane," and became the editor of The Daily Planet; she also carried on affairs with Ultraman and Owlman.

The new version, however, is a complete mystery - all the other villains had data files, hers had been deleted. The only thing that's known about her for sure is that she was pregnant. She told Ultraman it was his, told Owlman she was lying to Ultraman and it was really his, and was eventually revealed to be lying to Owlman, as well. Talk about evil!

Superwoman's costume got a minor redesign for Forever Evil. The most noteable difference is that her legs are covered, instead of bare - perhaps a dig at the entitled fanboys who got all up in arms about Wonder Woman wearing pants? It still looks good. The comics colored her one flat color (acounting for the shadows and highlights of, well, shadows and highlights), but the figure breaks up all the black with some dark grey on her boots, gloves, and hips. The outside of her cape is grey, too. In the actual designs, the cape is attached to the top of her suit, like an off-the-shoulder dress; here it's a separate piece, so it doesn't get in the way of the arms.

The face is attractive, but plain. She doesn't need to be as sinfully ugly as the version Frank Quitely (the Rob Liefeld of the '00s) drew, but should absolutely have an expression. Make her angry, because she's a villain. Make her incredibly happy, because she's tormenting civilians. She has a permanent case of sex hair, but is otherwise surprisingly plain.

The articulation is surprisingly good - not just for a DC Direct figure, for any company. Superwoman has swivel/hinge ankles, double-hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, a balljointed torso, swivel/hinge wrists, hinged elbows, swivel biceps, swivel/hinge shoulders, and a balljointed head. Her hair and cape are both soft PVC, so they flex out of the way when you move the figure. We do kind of wish that there was something to anchor her cape where it's supposed to go. We're thinking a hole in the center of her chest, with a peg on the back of the S-logo cape clasp? That'd do it.

Sadly, she does not come with any accessories. Think about her non-evil counterpart, Wonder Woman; what is Wonder Woman's accessory of choice? Her lasso. So what should Superwoman come with? Her lasso. Befitting her ruthless reality, her lasso is made out of barbed wire rather than rope. Harsh! If you want to give her one, you'll have to make it yourself. And also make a way for her to hold it, since both her hands are fists and she doesn't have a hook on her hip.

With the improved articulation, the only thing wrong with this figure is the same thing wrong with most DCD stuff: the size: she stands nearly 7" tall, so if you want to put her with your DCU Classics, you'll have to find a way to excuse her extra height. Yes, it would be nice if her cape stayed in place, and if she came with her lasso, but this is a better action figure than either Mattel or DC Direct gave us of the character.

-- 05/06/15

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