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Maash & Low

Green Lantern Classics
by yo go re

Since the Sinestro Corps is all about fear, they recruit members who are especially horrifying. This frees up the writers and artists to create some particularly unnerving monstrosities.

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The figure comes with the left leg of Arkillo, this series' Build-A-Figure. If you remember the legs of Kilowog and Brimstone, you know exactly what to expect. Big leg, really thick, probably going to be too tall once assembled.

The idea to make Maash and Low as one figure with shared body is clever: it saves molding costs at the same time it increases sales. If you like the aliens, you can buy two and have them standing around together; if your budget is tight, you can just buy one, and swap them back and forth as you like.

-- 12/29/10

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