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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
by yo go re

A redheaded half-human druid, with some type of horns, who wears green and changes into different animals? Didn't we already write this review?

A shapeshifting Tiefling Druid who makes her home with the Elves of the forest, Doric fights to protect the natural world from those who would destroy it.

Proving that the Dungeons & Dragons movie really had the juice, it had nerds complaining about it almost as soon as it came out. Not the quality of the film, mind you: they were upset that it didn't perfectly follow the rules of the game. [which you just lost --ed.] For instance, Doric wildshaping was one of the coolest things to happen, but their reaction wasn't "wow" or "look at how far effects have come since Willow," it was "druids can only turn into beasts, an owlbear is a monstrosity" or "they can only wildshape twice, not unlimited times!" God, this is why nobody likes you. You're not unpopular because you like nerdy things, you're unpopular because you act like this about them! (And I say that with authority, being myself a nerdy person who likes nerdy things and most definitely acts like that about them. Voice of experience speaking!)

Doric was played by Sophia Lillis, who's best known for being a genetic clone of Molly Ringwald in the new version of It. Though honestly, the short red hairstyle feels like a reference to Sheila O'Brien from the cartoon. Heck, during her big escape scene, she even tries hiding inside a hooded purple cloak! Of course, Sheila isn't a half-tiefling, so she didn't have cute little devil horns poking out of her bob.

Having been abandonned by her parents and subsequently raised by the wood elves (as opposed to the high elves), Doric naturally wears a lot of green: green boots, green shirt, green cape, pants that are just a darker green... it's a whole theme. Her tunic is sculpted with a wavy texture, and there's heavy stitching on the leather armor bits - shoulders and waist - and the limbs are just plain wrinkled cloth. The boots are surprisingly ornate, with layers that have a bit of a leaf design to them.

Her articulation is just a bit above average: as a tiefling, she's got a devil tail, and that gets a balljoint where it meets the body. Other than that, there are the usual swivel/hinge ankles, double-hinge knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, a balljoint waist, swivel/​hinge wrists, swivel/hinge elbows, hinge/balljoint shoulders, and a barbell head. It's all pretty average, but "average" these days is pretty good. As we've said before, "mediocre" comes from the words for "halfway up a mountain," and making it halfway up is better than still being at the bottom. So don't take it badly when we call this or any other figure mediocre.

The accessories, on the other hand, are worse than mediocre. Now, Doric isn't exactly a weapon-user, so it's not like there was anything they could have easily given her, right? She does have her cute little flip-up slingshot on her left bracer (which I guess would count as one more point of articulation), but her only actual accessory is some kind of little demi-cape that clips onto her right arm? Like, they went to all the trouble of putting that in one of their paper bags (as was the style at the time), but as far as inclusions go, it's honestly kind of junk. Did she really wear anything like this during the movie? I literally watched it again while writing this review, and I still couldn't tell you.

Doric is part of the second half of this series, which means she never showed up in stores anywhere. Even now, she, Dr. Fate, and the emergency-backup-Drizzt aren't even at discount stores becuase those are so packed with the first three figures. What Hasbro should have done is make Doric a deluxe release, sold alongside her owlbear form and a couple unarticulated other animals, and put that in stores in place of the black dragon that also didn't sell. That would have been far more appealing than a lot of what we did get, and might actually have moved some numbers for them.

-- 06/19/24

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