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Deadpool Legends
by yo go re

Death, Dream, Delirium, Destruction, Destiny, Desire, Despair... and Domino?

Domino creates her own luck with a subconscious ability to predict the success of any given action.

There's a trope, in fiction, where a character is impersonated for a time, but after the impostor is revealed/​defeated, the "real" character hangs around, and everybody ends up treating them as though the things the fake did still happened. Consider Mad-Eye Moody: he shows up, seems friendly, but then oop, no, he was the Purple Man all along! Oh no! So he gets bundled off to Azkaban, the real Mad-Eye is restored... and yet despite having never actually met Harry, everybody treats the two like they're best friends. The same thing happened with Domino: she popped up to save Cable from Deadpool, and became the deputy leader of X-Force, then it turned out she'd been someone disguised as Domino all along; in a bit of a swerve, when the real Domino was rescued, she was asked to join the team, but she was reluctant to because it would be werid hanging out with people who thought they knew her.

Domino has had one action figure from ToyBiz (back in the 5" days), and one from Hasbro. Though since Hasbro's was one of the first things they released after getting the Marvel license, it was technically a ToyBiz sculpt, too. This one also reuses an existing mold, because that's the way the toy industry works these days, but at least this time it's one Hasbro developed on their own. And more than that, it's one we haven't seen a lot of, yet! It's hard to tell, since the outfit is almost entirely black, but this is the Mockingbird mold! The armor on her forearms and shins is painted silver, but that's it for colors on her costume. To make her look more martial than Mockingbird did, Domino gets a utility belt with a big silver clasp, and wears a harness around her shoulders.

Domino's birth was part of a US black ops program known as Project: Armageddon, a breeding program meant to create super soldiers. So if she's ever had a real name (rather than just a series of aliases), no one knows what it is. Her white skin and the black circle over her eye are natural parts of her mutation, but the metallic blue lipstick probably isn't.

The figure has all the articulation you've come to expect from a Marvel Legend: ankles, knees, thighs, hips, torso, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and head. No surprises. In her first appearances (both as the impostor and as herself), her powers seemed to be "shoots guns," as was the style at the time; therefore, the toy comes with two unrealistic weapons - a pistol and a mid-sized gun - that look nothing at all like any real-world gear, but totally look like something you'd see in a comic. They're cast in metallic purple plastic, matching the one color Domino is generally associated with beyond black and white.

Domino also comes with the right arm of Sasquatch, this series' Build-A-Figure. It's nearly as tall as she is.

Even as a standalone figure, this Domino is pretty good - she's not the most colorful thing ever, but this is exactly what one thinks of her as looking like in the comics. But if you don't want her to be alone, she did wear a costume very much like this one when she was hanging out with X-Force. Wolverine's X-Force, not Cable's X-Force. The ones in black and grey? Yeah, them. So feel free to drop her in that collection; she'll feel right at home.

-- 05/13/18

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