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Deadpool Legends
by yo go re

Nostalgia time!

A female Wolverine clone, X-23 slashes out uncontrollably when exposed to a deadly "trigger scent."

The last time we reviewed a Laura Kinney Marvel Legend, she was a fairly obscure character - in fact, there was lots of internet complaining when the toy was announced, saying she wasn't important enough to receive a figure. Fast forward 12 years, and she's been in a major movie that was both a box office success and critically acclaimed, while in the comics, she's actually succeeded Logan as the all-new Wolverine! Everybody knows who X-23 is now. Heck, she's even got her own little clones, including tiny fan-favorite Honey Badger! Considering that Laura was created as an original character for a cartoon series, that's not too shabby an evolution! Sure, she's not at Harley Quinn-levels of public saturation yet, but she didn't get swept under the rug like Aqualad, either.

This X-23 falls somewhere in the middle. She's not wearing her blue-and-yellow Wolverine costume (which looked much better on her than it ever did on Logan), but neither is she wearing the plain spy suit she wore initially - rather, this is her X-Force uniform, the black-and-grey variant of her normal costume. Of course, considering that the normal costume she was wearing at the time was solid black, this is actually flashier than usual. The gray used on this figure isn't as blue as Deadpool's was, but it's still fairly light, and has a tint to it.

X-23 is wearing her mask (not a constant feature of the costume), which is a black mask with a grey stripe on the nose and red lenses. You can tell she's snarling, because her mouth is open to show her teeth, and the wrinkles on the sides of her nose are sculpted perfectly. Either her hair is blowing in the wind, or she's just moved suddenly to the side, causing it to billow out.

The mold is mostly the "teen girl" body, though her boots come from Sister Grimm and she's also got a free-floating belt with an X-logo buckle. The head is slightly too big, proportionally, as though it were originally designed to go on one of the adult women's bodies. Her hands are balled into fists, and she has her claws popped: like the Wolverine she goes with, the claws are separate pieces that you can remove if you want. Sadly, she doesn't get new feet - you'll recall that the last ML X-23 had hinged claws that could be tucked away if you didn't want them out, which is really a feature this one should have duplicated.

One thing she does duplicate is the choice of Build-A-Figure part: since X-23 is so small, she gets the biggest piece (ie, Sasquatch's entire torso). Back in 2006 it was Apocalypse as the BAF and his torso as her piece, so this is old familiar ground, even if the Sasquatch's is overall smaller and yet includes more of the body - stomach and hips, instead of just the chest alone.

It would have been cooler to get Laura as Wolverine, sure, but doing her X-Force outfit makes more sense for a Deadpool line: after all, it's not like she's interacted much with Deadpool as the new Wolvie.

-- 05/16/18

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