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Pirate Deadpool

Deadpool Legends
by yo go re

Okay, Leatherwing, you've met your match!

It's a pirate's life for Deadpool, with plenty of adventure. Oh, and doubloons. So many doubloons.

This figure is based on Deadpool #14 (three months before the issue where he wore his X-Men uniform). Wade got a buttload of money from Bullseye in exchange for not chainsaing him in half the long way and bought himself a nuclear submarine. Which he immediately crashed. He then did what any of us would do in those circumstances: bought a tugboat, loaded it with gold and guns, and declared it a pirate ship before sailing off to plunder a fancy resort island with Bob, Agent of Hydra at his side (dressed as a giant parrot).

When we say this figure is based on Deadpool #14, we really just mean the cover - he never dressed like this in the actual story. The closest he got was a bandana and a plunger peg leg. That's okay, though, because this is an awesome design, totally piratical! Just like on the cover, he's got a white scarf tied around his head, with the tails blowing off to the side, and he's wearing a black, moth-eaten captain's hat with a white skull and crossbones on the front. Not a lot of repaint potential there, let me tell you!

Wade is wearing his usual Deadpool costume, but he's thrown a long captain's coat over the top of it. There's a wide black belt over a frilly white whatever-it-is, and a white cravat hanging at his throat. The letters D and P are emblazoned in gold over the right breast, amd black sash lays across his chest. He's wearing one large black pirate glove, and a tattered black cape.

Not everything is perfect - his boots should be black, not red, and there should be a "glove cuff" on his right wrist, but so much of this figure is already made from new (and very likely to be un-reusable) molds that we're not going to nitpick that stuff.

Captain Deadpool has two flintlocks tucked into his belt (and on the cover, they were silenced Glocks), but those are simply part of the mold, not actual accessories. Good thing he comes with a brand-new flintlock pistol he can hold! There's also one of his usual katanas, plus a more piratey cutlass. The swords can hang off the back of his belt (cutlass on the right, katana on the left if you want to be art-accurate), but there's nowhere to put the gun other than his hands. Well, technically you could put it in the same slot used by one of the swords, but then that would have nowhere to go. Really, it's a shame they couldn't have made only one of the waist-guns part of the sculpt, and let this other one holster there.

The arms and legs are existing molds, so they have the usual articulation. The torso, though, needed to be new: the chest because it's molded with all the details of his gold-adorned red coat, and the pelvis beause the waist is a balljoint rather than a swivel. Yes, thanks to all the sculpted stuff on the chest, there's no hinge there, so they did their best to keep that range of motion by balljointing the waist. Sure, why not? Because the lower edge of the coat is such thick PVC, you can't get him into the Captain Morgan "one leg up" pose from the art - but then, he doesn't come with a treasure chest to prop his foot on anyway.

What he does come with is the left leg of this series' Build-A-Figure, Strong Guy. Makes sense, a pirate's always got to have extra legs lying around.

Pirate Deadpool is possibly the most unexpected choice for a Marvel Legend ever. Yes, he's been a HeroClix, and appeared as an alternate skin in a couple videogames, but this is not a famous look by any stretch of the imagination. Heck, not even Minimates have done this, and they have multiple pirate pieces handy! It's just funny to imagine someone on the ML development team flipping through a stack of Deadpool vol. 2 comics, scanning the covers for anything toyetic. What do you think we'll get first, Deadpool in pig armor, Chef Deadpool, Sheriff Deadpool, Anti-Vampire Deadpool, Crossing Guard Deadpool, Balletpool or just anything at all from the Deadpools Assemble set?

-- 10/01/20

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