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by yo go re

How did Vanisher manage to hook up with the smartest girl in the world?

A fierce warrior, Thena has the ability to use cosmic energy to form any handheld weapon she can think of.

Thena, namesake of the goddess of courage and wisdom (and one of our patrons) Athena, was one of the two original Eternals to be female - it was just her and Sersi. Jack Kirby did not originally intend for his new series to take place within the Marvel universe; the idea was that these characters were simply the inspiration for human myths, while the Marvel U already had the actual gods running around. Like, you've got the Eternals Thena and her father Zuras, but Marvel already had Athena and her father Zeus interacting with its heroes, so having the Eternals "be" them wouldn't make any sense.

Movie Thena is being played by Angelina Jolie, her second comic role after Wanted. The smiling likeness is good, but we can't help but be minorly disappointed that she's wearing a simple diadem rather than anything that suggests Athena's traditional owl-eyed helmet. Not a direct copy, of course, but there had to be some way to work it into the design.

Of all the Eternal movie costumes, Thena's is the closest to what was in the comics: 616 Thena was a blonde wearing an entirely golden set of armor; MCU Thena is a blonde wearing an entirely goldish set of armor. It's a different style, of course, with the astrolabe-y circles and swirls all over the place, and its tone of gold is closer to white than yellow, but compared to what some of the other Eternals are wearing this may as well be a direct lift from the printed page. Her outfit even looks more like traditional armor than the others get, identifying her as someone ready for war at any time.

Thena is a Target exclusive, and so does not come with any pieces for the Gilgamesh Build-A-Figure. What she does have are alternate hands and a variety of weapons to wield with them: a couple different swords, a large dagger, or a crescent-tipped spear. Those all have black handles and golden blades, with the same sort of etched lines as the costumes, suggesting they're made from the same stuff. The alternate hands could really use a slightly better gripping shape, because unless you align the weapon handles perfectly, they start tipping to the side slowly.

It seems odd that such a major character would be relegated to a store exclusive, but maybe the movie is making her more secondary. Guess we'll find out in a few days.

-- 11/01/21

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