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Final Faction
by yo go re

Told you there'd be more.

The Kharn have very advanced technology that are autonomous, have a synthetic biology, and are highly intelligent. Synthoids are used in all Kharn operations, similar to the Final Faction ACRM, and they are not to be underestimated.

So yep, Snap Ships had the Komplex, and Final Faction has the Kharn. The early '20s are proving to be a boom era for evil alien races! Whose names start with K. DC Comics should really get something going with the Khunds. Also, it's going to be quite a while before we stop being impressed by the level of world-building that's gone into this ultra-budget toyline.

Speaking of doing more work than expected, look at this guy! For decades pop culture has been copying Alien's homework when it comes to designing extraterrestrial enemies (looking at you, Halo. And Bionicle. And Dragon Ball Z. And Metroid. And and and--), but Final Faction's Synthoid takes things in a different direction. A wide direction, rather than a long direction. Rather than having a long, narrow head, it has a broad, float one. Well, it flares back into three spikes and has some Giger-ish ridges, but it's still less like a Xenomorph and more like Robocop's ED-209 or the Pokemon Kabutops.

Perhaps calling that a "head" at all is misleading. There's no division between the upper and lower parts of its body, just a big gray wedge shape that the arms and legs poke out of. The other Kharn figures are inhuman, but only to the extent that they have digitigrade legs and their skin isn't smooth - this could technically count as "humanoid" (inasmuch as it has two arms, two legs, and stands upright) but it's more in the vein of a tokusatsu suit actor, where it's meant to look like something other than a person in a person's clothes.

The limbs are really wild, with a rough mix of striated muscle, smooth armor, and knobbly digits. Look at the feet, for instance, with six toes apiece fusing together into some sort of hoof. The big spikes on the knees and elbows appear to be natural, while the heels and hips feel less so. A circular... mouth... thing? is right in the center of the torso. The cartoon shows that they're able to fire attacks from there, so maybe it's a cannon port instead?

The articulation here is even less than on the other figures - no head means no neck, and no neck means no neck joint. So all we get are swivels at the hips and shoulders, which sounds disappointing, but remember: one dollar. The big feet do a wonderful job of keeping the figure balanced, and its arms swivel enough to be threatening. The left arm is normal, ending in a hand with two fingers and a thumb, while the right arm is just a large blade, to slash down enemies. Scary stuff!

Paint quality is above what you'd expect for the pricepoint. The limbs are molded in dark grey plastic and the body is light gray. There are silver apps on the torso to help bring out all those Giger-ish details (though as with Shift, that's just on the front, not the back). All eight eyes are painted red, and the mouth/gun is a faded purple. It's a nice looking toy, more visually interesting than the other two Kharns.

The Synthoid is the only figure in the initial line that doesn't come with any accessories - but, that said, one of the Accessory Packs is specifically Synthoid-themed, so it works out.

Even if you aren't interested in Final Faction, the Synthoid definitely looks like something Dr. Mindbender would have built for Cobra to attack GI Joe, or like some sort of Cobra-La guard, doesn't it? Maybe some crazy Star Wars race that is being attacked by Battle Droids? For just a few dollars you could have an entire army of the things!

-- 02/05/21

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