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Spc. Scope

Final Faction
by yo go re

How bad does your breath have to be for your team to make your offical codename a brand of mouthwash?

A long-range specialist, Scope has the ability to keep all targets on the battlefield in his sights. Scope provides lethal cover fire for Alpha Team 1 and always hits his mark. Scope is a master of long-range weapons. Using his tech rifle "Stormwatch's" explosive rounds, he can always bring the rain.

The Final Faction website tells us a little more about his personality and hobbies, saying "his positive attitude and charm help keep the team moral upbeat even in the most dire situations. He also enjoys snowboarding on the most extreme mountains and takes part in other insane sports." It also reveals that he was born in the mountains of East Asia, and that his sister is Shift. Neat! "East Asia" is a pretty large area, but the most mountainous parts are in the western areas, so we're going to declare they're Tibetan. Or maybe Uyghur. Whatever the case, they'd be oppressed and abused by China. It would explain why both kids were groomed to be skilled warriors from childhood.

Even if they didn't specifically spell out that Scope and Shift were related, you might be able to guess from their uniforms: like his sister, Scope wears a black bodysuit with red armor over top. His has a metallic sheen, rather than being plain red, so they're not identical or anything, but the connection is still there. The sculpt of the body is as good as the rest of the figures in this line, which is to say, it's way higher quality than you'd expect from something that only costs $1.00. The armor is raised above the surface, there are wrinles in the cloth parts... it's got all the detail, so the only drawback is the lack of paint on the rear of the figure (an acceptable loss on such a budget buy).

The face paint apps have been pretty rough on the human figures so far, but Scope avoids that problem by wearing sunglasses. Actually, between the shades, the goatee, and the coiffed hair, he looks like Tony Stark! Since Final Faction takes place in the year 2050, does that mean the MCU is still popular in 30 years, or is he just going for a hard retro thing?

As with all the figures, Scope only moves at the Big Five: head, shoulders, and hips. It's not the best assortment of joints ever, but it makes the toy playable and meets our minimum definition for "action" figure. Just wait until the actual year 2050, when some kid who grew up playing with these launches a Kickstarter for Black Series/​Classified-style third-party knockoffs of the characters.

Whoever trained Scope and Shift knew what they were doing, because while she was a close-quarters combatant, he's distance. Covering all the bases! There are a pair of pistols that fit in the working holsters on his legs (new molds, not from the Covert Ops Weapons Pack), a small black backpack that plugs into a hole just below the screw in his back, and his large sniper rifle, Stormwatch. That can plug into the side of the backpack, meaning Scope can carry all his weapons at once, and still have his hands free! There's an accessory pack specifically intended for him, too.

Scope was one of the characters I was looking forward to from the first episode of the cartoon. The second episode showed him in arctic camo, suggesting repaints could be in the works. It looked nice, but I prefer the current red.

-- 03/18/22

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