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Daughters of Thanos

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
by yo go re

Time for some space-ladies!

Though each chose their own path in the wake of their father's rise to power, these skilled assassins forever share a familial bond.

Aww, innithat cute? Sisterly love and whatnot! But really, it's deeper than that. The relationship between Gamora and Nebula isn't the typical Hollywood version of siblings (even accounting for their ongoing, brawling rivalry), it's an actual examination of what it is to be a survivor of abuse and, in Gamora's case, also an enabler of abuse; yes, she's a hero now, but she has a lot to make up for, and we're not talking about things generally recognized as crimes she may have committed under Thanos' direction; rather, think about what Nebula screams at her: "you were the one who wanted to win, and I just wanted a sister!" Gamora knew what Thanos was doing to Nebula, but she never did anything to protect her. Which, no, isn't something a child should be expected to do, but hey, welcome to the shit-show that is growing up in an abusive household. Anyway, how about that poppy soundtrack, huh? Such a light, fun movie! Marvel only makes comedies while DC movies are gritty and deep!

We really should stop saying that movie toy likenesses are good, because every time we do, a better-looking one comes along. Four years ago, the GotG1 Gamora looked great; this one is so much better it makes the old one look like a Mattel product. Hell, the final product is even better than the stock photo on the back of the card! How is that even possible?

Gamora's taste in clothing hasn't changed drastically from the first film - she still wears pants and tall boots, though she's added a coat and has closed in the fishnet panels from her top. She's wearing a white shirt under a dark blue vest, but the way the lower edge hangs out looks like some sort of paint error. The heels on her boots are hollow, and buckles run up the outside of her shins to strap the boots closed. The rings she wears are sculpted on, and there are small wrinkles on her shirt.

The paint is as good as the sculpt, especially the super thin golden lines on her face. Her rings are silver, and her reddish coat has a blue lining that matches her pants and top. Her hair fades from dark brown to red, but the brown should be darker - closer to black. She uses the face-printing technology, and really shows why companies are moving that direction. Weirdly, though, there's some kind of reverse trompe l'oeil thing going on, where no matter what direction you view the figure from, she's always looking away from you; know someone who's autistic and hates making eye contact? This is the toy for them!

Gamora moves at the head, neck, shoudlers, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Though he coat hangs down to her knees, it doesn't impede the movement at all. She's armed with the gun she uses at the beginning of the film to fight the abilisk, hurting Star-Lord's little feelings (#MasculinitySoFragile), as well as her more traditional sword, in both retracted and extended versions. The shorter version can be stored on her left leg, and the longer one is not a reused mold from the first movie.

Naturally, Gamora comes with a BAF piece, Mantis' right leg. Gotta have a leg if you want the toy to stand, right? Leg. LEG!

For a movie about fathers, the sisterhood of Gamora and Nebula is a pretty key factor in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. They alone show more growth as characters than most films manage in their entire casts, and together they demonstrate more bravery in a single embrace than an entire league of heroes fighting some generic villain over boxes. Hasbro absolutely knocked it out of the park, quality-wise! And it'll be interesting to look back, two years from now, and be amazed at how much better the GotG3 toys are.

-- 02/26/18

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