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Neros Gundam

G Gundam
by yo go re

Sometimes G Gundam can be a really good series, and sometimes it can be downright stupid: hamhanded delivery, terrible dialogue and inexplicable choices. Of course, it's still great fun.

Set in Future Century 60, it is the year of the 13th Gundam Fight! Each country has sent their Gundam to Earth in hopes of winning power and glory for their homeland. Which Gundam will rule the universe? Gundam fight ready, go!

The best part of this Ethnic stereotype Olympiad are the wonderfully unique designs. Each Gundam is intended to represent its country. Or, more accurately, what Japanese animators think of its country. Neo-America's Gundam Maxter, run by a pilot with pink-streaked hair and a support team of bikini girls, combines football, boxing, surfing and cowboys. God, Japan hates us. Of course, it could be worse; Neo-France's Gundam Rose wears a big metal Napoleon hat.

Italy's Neros Gundam is patterned (vaguely) after a Roman centurion: particularly the Marvin the Martian-style mohawked helmet and the armor on his forearms. Like all Gundams, Neros wears a little skirt; of course, so did the centurions, so he doesn't lose any style points for it. The armor on his feet even looks like sandal straps!

In addition to his axe and the shield that snaps on over his spiked arm, Neros' legs are packed with beam cannons. He comes with extra hands: two closed fists, and two designed to hold his weapons. I have no idea why the suit is painted seafoam green, but it works.

At 4⅛" tall, Neros Gundam is represented at 1/144th scale. While I would have preferred a 1/100th model kit, these smaller figures are growing on me. For one thing, they take up less space on my desk. The figure moves at the head, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. His waist even turns, slightly.

A nice bonus with this figure is the transformable core lander. Sort of a stylized flying car, the core lander is part simple transportation and part control module. The lander folds in on itself and plugs into the back of the Gundam, providing a cockpit and rocket boosters.

The real reason I bought Neros Gundam is because I wanted to create a "dark" version of him. While Dark Neros does come with the deluxe Raven Gundam set, he lacks accessories. Thus, I repainted mine. He's still got all the playability, but now has a cooler colorscheme. I got my modeling fix even though it's just an action figure!

Neros is the first Gundam seen on the series, and has a cool design. It's a shame that his pilot, Michelo Chariot, is such a tool. Of course, that doesn't really affect the toy, which looks great in his new paintscheme.

-- 06/06/02

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