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GIJoe Sigma 6
by yo go re

Retro throwbacks can be fun, but you can't just do a straight rehash of what's gone before, or your retro property will quickly grow stale. The folks behind GIJoe Sigma 6 recognize this, which is why they're not afraid to shake things up. One of the biggest changes was the explosives expert Firefly.

Sigma 6 Firefly Firefly is an expert in the art of sabotage and specializes in explosive devices that disable electronic systems. He worked in covert ops on missions involving computer espionage and was brought onto the Sigma 6 team to destroy a sophisticated computer virus created by Cobra to destabilize the world economy. He infiltrated the evil organization and blew up the base's central electronics core, stopping the virus from being transmitted and ending all computerized Cobra activity for over a year. He became a permanent member of the Sigma 6 team to provide his expertise in fighting Cobra B.A.T. troops. His innovative devices have provided the team with powerful weapons to deplete the ranks of these dangerous robots.

See, back in... well, "G1" is a Transformers term, but you could make the argument that it belongs to GIJoe, as well. In any case, in the '80s, Firefly was a mercenary who most often worked for Cobra, and only occasionally for the Joe team - now he's a fully fledged member! Hey, why not? Times change.

Honestly, though, this figure is Firefly in name only. There's definitely not the strong connection seen in figures like Zartan or Snake-Eyes. Instead of grey camo, Firefly's wearing an orange and black suit that matches the look of the other Sigma 6 soldiers. Another big departure? You get to see his face! That's a major no-no.

In the old stories, Firefly infiltrated the Arashikage ninja clan as "the Faceless Master," a man who lived up to his name - he literally had no face. peekaboo Not in a "I was in a car wreck" way, but in a "completely smooth and blank surface" way. It was actually a trick - he used a low-level hypnosis to make anyone looking at him forget his face from second to second, and whenever a group picture was going to be taken, he simply moved his head at just the right moment to ensure his photo came out blurry. Clever! Also, much cooler than the "coffeeshop employee" look of the figure. He's got tousled black hair and there's a little soul patch beneath his smirk. On the plus side, he comes with a full-face mask that hides his smug mug.

killer Zippo, dude Firefly has no shortage of weaponry and other goodies. For instance, his removable belt, elbow and knee pads, and harness. Oh, and dog tags, like all the other good guys. He's got a machinegun with a removable clip, a crappy "Spinblast trap" (which is supposed to be some kind of nerfed landmine, I think) and two things called FSE blasters. The FSE, or Flame Stick Enhanced, are 3" black and gold escrima sticks with translucent flame pieces that fit on the end - one red, one green. The neat thing is that you can also attach the flame to the barrel of his gun to simulate muzzle flash.

The Sigma 6 team is lucky to have Firefly - brattt! apparently there's been a traitor on the team almost since the beginning, and if they're going to root him out, they're going to need all the help they can get. Maybe they could put him in charge of hunting down the spy? He seems reliable. It's like that time I asked my cat to babysit my goldfish, or put a fox in the henhouse.

Firefly, once a member of the Sigma 6 team, Cobra Firefly has revealed himself to be an agent for the Cobra organization. He disappeared from the Sigma 6 base with classified data on the team's technology, weapons, and vehicles. He is considered a dangerous enemy because of his expertise in sabotage and explosive devices. When he escaped, he also stole a weapon prototype being tested for infiltration using liquid fire, as well as flame-emitting gauntlets. His motive for stealing these weapons is unknown but will surely be revealed in the near future.

What what what?! Firefly was the traitor? I am shocked - shocked! - that it turned out that way! Who would have ever suspected him? Who could have? No one, that's who. Truly this is a dark day, a day that has shattered a trust that will be slow in reforging.

When he fell back into his old ways, Firefly got back into his old clothes. peekaboo He's definitely been "Sigma 6-ized," but he's back in grey camo and behind his mask? A knit balaclava that only exposes his eyes. You can tell that the face beneath has the same structure as the Good Firefly, which is a very cool move. A ski mask like this might make you think more of Beachhead than Firefly, but he still has that "urban commando" look that's needed. Both good and evil versions of Firefly have the same removable mask - it's just painted in different colors. The evil one has a bit of a scar by the eyes, though: maybe he got hit on his way out?

A lot of the details are carried over from the previous Firefly, but none of the parts are actually re-used. For instance: his knee and elbow pads are similar to the older figure's, but now they're sculpted on instead of removable. Ditto for the belt, which now has a Cobra belt buckle. overcompensating? what do you mean? He's even got the same kind of plates on his feet and hands. It's not immediately obvious that these two are supposed to be the same guy, but if you know what to look for, you can see it.

Bad Firefly has two of the machineguns that Good Firefly had, but no flame sticks. Instead, he's wearing a pair of gauntlets that give him three fiery Wolverine-style claws on each hand. That's... interesting. The clips on the machineguns are removable, and in an absolute attention to detail, the "peg" is sculpted to look like bullets. Bam! For larger weapons, FF's got a huge missile launcher/flamethrower that has two fiery bursts and a flaming chainsaw. Again, weird choice, but it makes a kind of sense for him.

Apparently turning evil makes you taller, because the second Firefly has a good ¼" on the original. these look the same to you? Surprisingly, he's very short on the pegs that attach the Sigma 6 weapons to the figures. He's got four on his back, but that's it. The chest makes sense, since he's got four pouches there, but none on the legs? The forearms? Huh.

Now, usually we at OAFE are proponents of just buying one version of a character and not falling prey to the companies' desire to sucker us in with variations. But that's really hard to do with the Sigma 6 line, because so many of the variations are so good. In Firefly's case, however, getting both is a no-brainer: the designs and motivations are so different, it's almost like buying two different characters. Old-school Joe fans will probably only want the Evil version, but both Fireflies are worth getting.


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