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Mindless One

Marvel Legends
by yo go re

*insert joke about whatever group you personally dislike here*

Dormammu sets a barrier in the Dark Dimension to protect his subjects from the Mindless Ones. Eventually, he learns to use these monsters in his plans.

The Mindless Ones were introduced in Strange Tales #127, where Clea called them "primitive, savage, totally devoid of love, or kindness, or any type of intelligence! They live only to fight... and to destroy!" The emotional struggle of the issue's story was that if Dr. Strange defeated Dormammu in their duel, the Mindless Ones would be free to rampage through the Dark Dimension, killing its inhabitants; he had to decide if the lives of people on Earth or in this other world were more important.

The Mindless One is the Build-A-Figure for Marvel Legends Series 10 - all the figures except King Daredevil come with a piece or two of the figure, and if you buy them all, you can assemble this classic Marvel monster. The front and back of the torso are two separate parts that need to be clicked together, and the legs can pop off the pegs if you don't have them pushed on all the way.

Mindless Ones have a thick, stony body - not individual rocks like The Thing, but a large, single chunk that almost looks like cooled lava, thanks to its wavy, "wrinkled" texture and the few solitary bumps that appear on its surface. Given the way comicbook art works, they've sometimes been drawn perfectly smooth, sometimes incredibly rough, and definitely every way in between over the years. This sculpt is a really nice representation of them, hitting just the right sweet spot between all the different interpretations to be an acceptable version no matter what your ideal is.

However bumpy you like your Mindless Ones, there's one feature that's constant in their design: the head. They always have a large, rounded head that barely raises above the height of their shoulders, and no facial features other than a single, red, horizontal slot as eyes. So like if Juggernaut had Cyclops' powers. At least, I always read it as an eye - I guess it could be a mouth instead. One single orafice, is the point.

The Mindless One may be the color of dried tar, but he's not just molded that way. Yes, the majority of the body is dark grey, but there are a few patches of a deep reddish-brown painted on to create some very subtle highlights. Neat! To show the red of the eyeslit, the head is done as a shell over a red dome within, a more advanced version of that thing where characters' mouths will be molded separately and plugged in from the back.

Mindless Ones are just slightly larger than humans, so this BAF stands 7⅜" tall - not especially huge, but definitely big! Because the figure's limbs are so stocky, the elbows and knees are swivel/hinges, which means you can only get about a 90° range of motion out of them, but that's fine, it's enough. Having a swivel in the knee and again at the top of the thigh is unnecessary (same for the elbow/bicep), but figure that's for BAF construction purposes. The Mindless one moves at the ankles, knees, thighs, hips, chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and head. If you tip the head back too far on its balljoint, though, you'll be able to see the red insert inside the head; if that bothers you, you could just paint the underside before you put the head on the ball.

The figure includes your choice of either open hands or closed fists, as well as an actual accessory! Like Cyclops, Mindless Ones can shoot energy beams from their faces, and so sometimes artists will draw them with smoke trailing from the eye; to show that, we get a translucent red wisp of smoke that can plug in! I initially thought the point at the end just fit into the corner of the eye, and while that is a functional way of doing it, the intention is to have it plugged in across the entire slot. The shape seems to be based on a piece of artwork used in a character dossier on "Marvel XP," an app that connected with several Marvel mobile games and allowed them to share rewards and achievements - in fact, the stock photo on the back of all this series' boxes shows the smoke as grey instead of red, just like in that same art.

The Mindless Ones are Doctor Strange enemies, of course, but they're also generic enough cannon fodder that lots of heroes have fought them over the years, from Spider-Man to Nextwave. This is a really nice toy of them, but two caveats: first, as a Build-A-Figure, you'll probably never be able to build a whole horde of them, the way they're shown in the books; and second, you won't even be able to easily build a single one, since Target and Walmart no longer want to risk selling any ML series that isn't based on a movie or TV show; this series was just the first.

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-- 03/11/24

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