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by yo go re

Damn you, slippery slope!

I really should stop reading Rustin's Spoils posts. He's always finding stuff that makes me say "yeah, that looks pretty cool, I wouldn't mind having that," and that just means more shopping. For instance, last year I added to my Christmas display with the Winter Warrior, and this year, my Halloween collection increased thanks to Series 5.

The first figure I went for (thanks to Mattel being better to its fans than Lego, and putting codes on its blind-bags) was the Wolfman, because of course it was. Yes, his name is just "Wolfman" - they named the crummy crash test dummy "Collision Carl," but couldn't come up with anything interesting for this guy? Thanks, Obama!

"Full-Moon Marv" is made from all new pieces, at least according to a cursory Google search for "imaginext+fur." The sculpt of his fur isn't an all-over detailing or anything, just a few strategic clumps here and there to sell the idea. It works with the simple, stylized Imaginext aesthetic while still provided enough detail to say "this isn't just brown skin." Though judging by his pecs and abs (no shirt for this gentleman!), his skin is brown. He's wearing jeans that are torn unevenly, and has big animalistic feet. His knees have a slight bend to them, and he has a slightly stooped posture.

His head is mostly good - he's got a sculpted beard that flows right into the rest of his hair, coming to a point in the back. His ears are the same color as his fur, when they should really be the color of his face, but then, his face doesn't match his chest either, so who's to judge? His face is tampographed on, but you've got to watch out: for some reason, his mouth is crooked on every sample we've seen. And not even consistently crooked, like they'd planned it that way - every figure's mouth seems a little bit different. He's got two little fangs that are hard to see against his skin, and a black line that we think(?) is supposed to be a nasolabial fold, but like the mouth, it tends to drift around a bit.

Imaginext figures move at the hips (both legs swivel up as one), swivel wrists, swivel/hinge shoulders, and swivel neck. All the Wolfman's joints move the way they should, with nothing to restrict them.

Sorry, that's not completely accurate: the joints do move the way they should, but there is something to restrict them. Wolfman's accessory is a large set of chains, designed to clip onto his wrists and ankles to keep him restrained. Did somebody do this to him, or was he just werewolfing himself like Tracy Jordan? (Like this, not like this.) Although he already has the Imaginext "circle-i" logo on his pentleg, there's another on his chain. The shackle around his right ankle is a little loose, but I wrapped a rubber band around it for a little while, and that bent it into a nice tight shape. Hot water would probably also do the trick.

The Imaginext Wolfman is a decent little figure, and he's easy to find despite being blind-bagged, but the unreliable face paint makes it hard to recommend him.

-- 10/07/15

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