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Crazy 88 Director

Kill Bill
by yo go re

A whole lot of actors have been made into action figures, but only a few directors. George Lucas has been there, and so has Kevin Smith. You can add Quentin Tarantino to this exclusive club, as well.

hai! Yes, QT's had an action figure before, in Mezco's Reservoir Dogs line, but that one doesn't really integrate well with the rest of your collection. Now he's back in a more conceptual form, ready to join the rest of the masked killers as one of Kill Bill's Crazy 88.

Apparently, during production, Tarantino hung around set in a costume that suited the day's work - during the hospital scenes, for instance, he was wearing scrubs. So of course when it came time for the House of Blue Leaves, he was wearing the uniform of the Crazy 88.

And really, a uniform it is - this is the same "black suit, white shirt, black tie" combo that was made famous in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. We get a lot more of them than ever before, and they've added a mask to go with it, but it is otherwise unchanged.

new base The three Crazy 88 figures each had the same body with different heads, and this one is no different. He's got the same "removable arm" action features and comes with the same hatchet, katana and squeeze bulb of red ink. He's even got the same zen garden base, though he does have a new and unique blood pool pattern painted on it.

let me tell you what 'Like a Virgin' is about, okay... Unlike the other Crazy 88 figures, Quentin's got a removable mask: you can take off his Kato mask to reveal the plain face beneath. Want a realistic Mr. Brown figure? Here it is. Want to stand him next to your Sydney Bristow figure and call him McKenas Cole? Get to it!

we now return you to 'The Man from Rio,' already in progress... The sculpt is quite good. NECA's had some problems getting perfect likenesses on their production figures, but Quentin Tarantino's looking pretty good. His mask is held on by love and magic and his own smug sense of self-satisfaction. Also clever design - no magnets, no strings, just friction. The mask hugs his face and nothing else.

Since he's built on the same body as the Crazy 88s, QT's the same size - 6 1/2" - and has the same points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist and ankles. With the mask on, he blends perfectly with the rest of the gang. With the mask off, he's unmistakably someone we know. Either way you want to display him, this is a good figure.

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