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All For One

My Hero Academia
by yo go re

"Mom said it's my turn with the powers."

Once Japan's most powerful villain and All Might's arch-nemesis, his true motives are unclear, and his true identity is unknown. His current goal is to raise Tomura Shigaraki to become his eventual successor.

Okay, I freely admit that I have trouble remembering names, opting instead for describing characters by their traits (just ask Deku's classmates Icy Prince Zuko, Engine Legs, Sparkle-Dick, and The Grapist), but I gotta say it's extra confusing My Hero Academia has powers called "All For One" and "One For All," but "All Might" doesn't get the one that starts with "All"! I'm too dumb to ever remember which one I'm talking about! Maybe writing this review will help.

All For One, the power, allows its user to steal other people's Quirks (like Rogue), but also allows the user to transfer that stolen Quirk into someone new. And unlike Rogue, it's a permanent process. All For One, the character, used this power on his seemingly-powerless younger brother, inadvertently creating One For All, the Quirk All Might and Midorya use now. His goal is now to steal One For All back, and so he's ended up fighting against every holder of the Quirk - in fact, it was in his first battle with All Might that he was so badly injured that his face is now just a mass of scar tissue. When he re-emerged into public, he wore a skull-shaped helmet, but this toy shows that shattered open, so we can see his featureless face within. Creepy!

One of the powers All For One took was "Life Force," which slows down the bearer's aging - he's actually over a century old, but still has the body of a middle-aged man. Other than his creepy helmet, he just wears a plain black suit with a white shirt, like he's going to a semi-casual event after a day at work. "Semi"-casual because he's not wearing a tie with it. Way to dress down, cool guy! To be accurate to the anime (which is both the only version of it I've seen and the thing the toys are explicitly based on), the left sleeve should be torn away beneath the elbow, but this one is full. It's a pretty plain look, honestly, though it would be a great base for customs... if not for one thing.

Facing defeat (thanks to All Might receiving backup from from two of the other top heroes), All For One combined several of the Quirks he was holding into one Ultimate Quirk Combination, which drastically mutated his right arm into an Akira-like monstrosity. It's larger than his entire torso, about ⅔ the size of the body as a whole. It's huge and misshapen, with chunks of rough metal fused to the hand, spiraling bone spikes jutting from the shoulder, and several normal-sized arms growing along the giant arm's aurface. It's truly a horrific thing, and it unbalances the figure wildly.

All For One has all the usual joints (toes, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, wrist, elbow, bicep, shoulders, neck, and head), though the Ultimate Quirk Combination arm is too large for any of that; it plugs into the shoulder with a balljoint, just like the left arm does, but the ring of flesh that presses up against the body keeps that from being of any use; so all we get on that side is a simple swivel at the shoulder, allowing the arm to move like an old Star Wars figure or something. But trust us, even with the included disc base, he'll never stand like that.

Actually, between the left sleeve being complete, and the right arm popping off the figure so easily, we wonder if the original plan was to include an alternate human arm for a "standard" All For One (though that would have required a new head, as well). It definitely would have added more value to the release, and more playability. The monster arm is a cool thing, but having it renders the toy it's attached to little more than one of the statues McFarlane used to make.

-- 10/24/23

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