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Doom Eternal
by yo go re

Fighting off demons is hard work, so why not show your fun side while you're at it?

The DOOM Slayer has been the main protagonist for and playable character in the DOOM franchise and in the critically acclaimed DOOM Eternal. Equipped with an arsenal of powerful weapons and abilities the Slayer battles countless demons in his enduring mission to RAZE HELL.

There's just something inherently funny about super-serious characters suddenly breaking tradition and doing something utterly ridiculous while still being utterly dour. Think back to the days when Kratos would dress up as a giant fish ("Cod of War") or cow ("Dairy Bastard"), and bemoan the fact that he's now too much of a dad to do anything that irreverant. But Doomguy is ready to step up and do his part, thanks to the Doomicorn costume.

For the most part, the Doomicorn outfit (we hesitate to call it a "skin" because in these games, the idea that you would literally flense a creature you ran across and wrap yourself in its erstwhile hide is not outside the realm of possibility, and we don't want to make you think that's what's happened) is the same mold as the regular figure, which means thick, lumpy armor with rounded plates and small studs poking out in a few spots. But being the same mold doesn't mean he looks even a little bit the same, thanks to the new paint.

The Doomicorn armor is mostly white, with a large pink stripe on the belly, pink gloves, and pink boots that have yellow "hooves" on the toes. The pink is a very strong, vibrant shade, almost overbearing in its sheer pinkness, while the white... is not. It's actually a very pale gray, which you can tell when you compare it to the sections that are actually white. That serves two purposes: one, it makes the pure white parts stand out more than they would otherwise, and doesn't wash out the detail in the sculpt; and two, it makes it look like the white was painted over another color, as if this was something Doomguy did himself because he felt like it.

The head is a new mold. He's still wearing his helmet, don't worry, but now on top of it is... well, it's a unicorn's head, but I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be the top of a stylized hoodie or what. It's definitely not large enough to be a real unicorn's head, so a remnant of some old pajamas or something does seem like the most likely source. This is where the pure white comes in, providing a slight contrast against the helmet it's draped over. The head has defined cheekbones, little nostrils sticking up off the snout, and large comedy teeth that rest on Doomguy's forehead. Its little ears stick straight up, and a single golden horn juts up from the scalp. Like a unicorn's would.

That's not the only change there's been to the sculpt: there are a few minor ones to accommodate his new accessories. To further complete the unicorn look, Doomguy has a horse's tail and a pair of feathery wings. Both those pieces need to plug onto the figure, so there's are pegs molded on his back. Both add-ons are the same bright pink used on the rest of the figure, and the wings also have an extra strip of mane to blend in with what's on his head. Delightful!

He's still got the articulated grenade launcher over his left shoulder, and the shotgun with its underslung grappling hook attachment is unchanged, but the arm blade has been reimagined to go with the pretty pretty pony design: the blade itself is now a magic wand with a sculpted star at the tip, and the housing that attaches it to the bottom of the left arm is rainbow colored. So cute! Unfortunately, the wand is a very soft PVC, so it gets bent out of its proper shape far too easily.

The Doomicorn Slayer still has the okay-but-could-be-better articulation as the normal Doomguy, but he automatically feels cooler because of his silly clothes. If McToys wants to reuse these molds to make the Purple Pony and Night-Mare variations of this skin, we'd be all in favor of it, but the pink and white Doomicorn is a fun rarity even on its own.

-- 01/28/21

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