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Peely Bone

by yo go re

Who knew that eating a banana was like eating a fish: you have to be careful of the bones.

He's probably going to be fine.

The 2019 "Fortnitemares" Halloween event introduced the Ghoul Trooper, the cool zombie girl we've reviewed before. She appears in a short cinematic trailer, clawing her way up out of the grave. As she does, a hand reaches down to help her to her feet. We pull back to reveal: why, it's our old pal Peely! Hi Peely! He's standing sideways, and when he turns to face the camera, we see why he'd be so ready to help a zombie: because he's one himself! The entire right side of his body is stripped away revealing just the anatomy within. Wait, no, not stripped: peeled! Gotta keep those banana puns going. He then proceeds to play his ribs like a xylophone, because Fortnite is silly (it's an emote that was included with the skin).

Due to the way this skin is designed, Peely Bone can't be constructed the same way that Peely was: no cheating a rubber skin over a stiff plastic armature here. But do give credit to McFarlane's sculptors (because he sure as heck won't), because the banana side is sculpted with a few chunky wrinkles around the limbs that make it look like it's bunching and puckering due to movement. That is to say, it's not soft and flexible, but they made it look soft and flexible.

The left arm and leg may well be the same molds as before, but that would be all. This banana is split right down the middle, so the right side is just bones and guts. There's no other skeletal figure in the line (Skull Trooper doesn't count, because that's paint, not real bones), so everything over there needed to be a new mold. There are the arm and leg, of course, but also his long pelvis, a spine, a ribcage (including four bonus ribs that exist above the top of the head) and a skull with an eye socket sized to accommodate Peely's big black "Funko Pop" eyes. It's cute!

The bones are painted a pale gray, and they're silhouetted against a dark brown - remember, he's dead now, so Peely's banana-mush inside are no longer the light yellow they used to be. The exterior of his skin is covered in brown splotches, as well. There's some sort of yellow goo inside him, and his pink intestines are sculpted rather geometrically.

Articulation is a little less than most McFarlane Fortnite toys. He has no neck, of course, and no waist, but other than those omissions, the left side is mostly normal: hinged toes, swivel/hinge/swivel ankle and wrist, double-hinged knee and elbows, swivel thigh and bicep, wivel/hinge hip and shoulder, and a little bit of a pectoral hinge. The right side gets a balljointed shoulder, hinged elbow, hinged wrist, swivel/hinge hip, hinged knee, swivel/hinged ankle, and hinged toes. Given the design, this is about the best we could hope for (though a swivel added to the wrist would have been nice).

Peely Bone's accessories include the "Banana Bag" Back Bling just like Jazwares' Peely had, the Death Valley Harvesting Tool (probably chosen for its "dead bones" theme) and a Grenade Launcher, which has also been seen with other figures, but nothing we've reviewed in this scale. Basically, since the figure's body was going to be a bunch of one-shot molds, we get reused accessories to offset the cost.

Peely Bone is likely the final McToys Fortnite offering, but it's a really fun way to go out. It's certainly not a figure anyone ever expected to see.

-- 12/24/21

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