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The Crone

Sleepy Hollow
by yo go re

Ooh, ooh, witchy woman. She's got the moon in her eyes. Or, in this case, some freaky-weird snakes.

The Crone Deep in the Western Woods lives the Crone, a witch said to have ties to the Headless Horseman. So when Constable Ichabod Crane needed information on this supposedly supernatural agent, he sought out the witch. She gave him the information he wanted, but was it truly the answer he was looking for?

snake eyes!  box cars!  craps! This figure was part of McFarlane Toys' Sleepy Hollow line, based on the Tim Burton film. The Crone is clothed in her tattered gown, simulated here with a flexible plastic that is also used for her veil. By manipulating a stray strand of the Crone's hair, you can control the snakes which burst forth from the witch's mouth and eyes.

I bought this figure on clearance specifically to use in a display with McFarlane Toys' Movie Maniacs 3 Ash figure, but had I any interest in this figure on its own merits, I'd have been sorely disappointed. To begin with, the articulation on this figure is just ridiculous; yes, she moves at the neck and waist, and at the shoulders, biceps, and forearms, but her entire lower torso is one large mass of plastic. The exposed leg moves only at the ankle, which serves no purpose other than to make her foot not connect properly with the ground unless posed in one specific manner.

Also, this figure fell victim fairly severely to "McJoints," a case in which the figure's joints get glued into place when the plastic pieces are assembled; therefore, instead of turning freely, the joints snap or break apart. This happened to all six of the Crone's arm joints, leaving her with only a working ankle, waist, and neck. And, in truth, the neck joint was too tiny, leaving the figure's head loose and wobbly. So I was suddenly the proud owner of a figure with broken arms, a loose neck, and an immobile leg. Yippe.

buncha crap

Standing just over six inches tall, the Crone looks okay, but she's really nothing special. She supposedly features nine points of articulation, though mine is down to three. At least she's got some good accessories: a removable veil, a horned skull, two baskets, a candle, mortar and pestle, and a necklace. As a Deadite from Army of Darkness, she's just okay; as a toy of the Witch of the Western Woods, however, she's awful. Poor construction and design outweighs the few benefits this figure might have. Stay far, far away from this one.

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