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Living Dead Dolls
by yo go re

Looking to expand their Living Dead Dolls into new markets, Mezco traded the doll format (despite it being a full third of the product's very name) for blind-boxed figurines - you know, cashing in on that Mystery Minis hotness. At least, they supposedly did: we certainly never saw them anywhere. Apparently recognizing that "vast unavailability" is not a strong selling point, however, Mezco's now done a "Resurrection" series, mixing repaints of figures from Series 1 and 2.

This little bunny
Is digging for sweets.
Roaches in baskets
Are her favorite treats.

The original 10" Eggzorcist was released in the first series of dolls, back in 1998. She was just a purple-haired girl in a little white bunny costume, with a noose hanging around her neck. She's had lots of variants over the years, so it's no surprise Mezco would choose her for the initial assortment of LDD Figurines - and also for the Resurrection releases.

Eggy remains a kid in a costume - she's just standing still in a very plain pose, but gets a sculpted edge for her cowl. The interiors of the ears have a shallow outline, as well. No surprise the noose around her neck is a sculpted element; they would have had to have been stupid to try just creating it with paint. A tiny puff ball tail sticks out behind her.

She does get one thing new, however: with the original doll, her Easter basket was a separate accessory; here, it's molded right into her hands, and held between her feet; since it's so close to her body, the bugs that live in there have started crawling all over her. Eww! The text from the doll's packaging may have called them roaches - as is Mezco's wont - but they certainly look a lot more like beetles.

Rather than just repacking the existing figures, Resurrection sticks with the same molds, but gives us new colors. Several colors, in fact! This particular one is wearing a yellow suit and has greenish skin and hair. The colorscheme is based on a limited (666 pieces) Japanese exclusive released in 2008 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Living Dead Dolls line.

There are two other Eggzorcists available in this series: the other common version (4:36 ratio) is wearing gray, with dark hair and green eyes; the "ultra rare mystery variant" (1:36 ratio) is paler - white with blue eyes - and splattered with blood. Add to that the three versions available in Series 1 (original colors, blue SDCC 2003 colors, or 10th Anniversary US red and black-flocked colors) and the Toy Fair 2018 pink exclusive, and you'll see that this one little bunny has multiplied to an impressive extent!

While every store in existence seems to have slept on the plain Living Dead Dolls Figurines series, Resurrection is more readily available. Hot Topic is definitely carrying them, and they've also turned up at some "Market Six" outlets, like bookstores, game/calendar shops, etc. There's no code or other identifying mark to let you know what's inside, and with the ratios all done in 36s (vs. the cases being sold in 12s) there's no guarantee there's even one of every figure in any given case. But what could be more appropriate for this Easter-y little deadling than having to try to hunt her out?

-- 04/21/19

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