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Colossus and Juggernaut

Marvel 80th Anniversary
by yo go re

Ring the bell and let's get started.

A mutant with the ability to transform his body into metal, Peter Rasputin left his farm community to join the X-Men and fight for good.

This is the second Marvel Legends Colossus we've gotten in not-too-short order, but, in the way Hasbro typically does these things, this is the classic version, the basic look he's returned to over and over since 1975: mostly red, with a yellow stripe down the center of the torso. His sides and limbs are bare, exposing his ribbed metal skin - all original sculpts, not shared with either the existing Colossus or Mr. Sinister. The wristbands are loose pieces held on by the hands, while the big tall flared tops of his boots are molded as part of the knees. There are sculpted wrinkles on his top and trunks, and there's a big belt floating in the middle.

Colossus has a very stern look on his face. He's not angry, but those big brows are knit together pretty tightly nonetheless. And the slight frown on his lips? This is annoyance, frustration, the look of a man who has to carry himself lightly because of the damage he could do to everyone around him if he didn't. His metal hair is the appropriate black, not merely dark grey.

Standing upright, Colossus is more than 7⅝" tall, nicely huge compared to all his friends. He has swivel/hinge ankles, wrists, and shoulders; swivel thighs, waist, and biceps; double-hinged knees; single-hinged elbows and neck; and balljointed hips and head. The top hinge on both knees is stuck very firmly, stuck enough that I'm afraid of breaking him if I try any harder to move them. While the previous Colossus had one open hand and one fist, this version gets a pair of each - they swap out easily at the wrist.

Cain Marko possesses superhuman strength and extreme durability that allows him to rampage through any situation as an unstoppable juggernaut of force.

This Juggernaut is mostly the same as the Series 2 Build-A-Figure, but the changes there are make this one better. We'll start with the most blatant: the colors. The dark rusty color has been replaced with a more appropriate brick red. That's the way Juggy looked pretty much all the way up until the '90s (when the middle section of the costume was turned yellow), so this is ideal. The black stripes on his abdomen are wider this time, and he no longer has a belt.

Less noticeable is the new helmet. The head inside it is the same mold (the one with the grin and the chipped tooth), but the helmet itself is a little bit larger, with a slightly more accurate shape and no "metal" texturing. That latter one might seem bad, since the bands on his biceps, forearms, and hands still have the texture, but you've got to remember that the chest (ie, the part closest to the helmet) is smooth, so having the head match it makes the whole thing look more cohesive.

Since he's no longer a BAF, this Juggernaut gets some accessories, including alternate hands (open, with the metal bands done separately in case Hasbro wants to reuse them later) and a second head based on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #627, with his helmet torn open and his eye blackened. It's a cool inclusion, but the head doesn't look too good on the body by itself, and the back of the helmet lifts so far away from the shoulders that it looks out of place unless you have the head tipped back as far as it will go.

We haven't had a Colossus this good since the ToyBiz days, and Juggernaut is better than the Build-A-Figure. The set has a couple problems with the articulation and the accessories, but it's still a great update.

-- 12/16/19

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