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Thord Ironjaw

Mythic Legions
by yo go re

We'll try to keep this review short.

When Attlus the Conqueror was banished from the Army of Leodysseus, it was Thord Ironjaw who first came to his aid. With a predisposed disdain for the ancient Orders and the kingdoms that bore them, Attlus' banishment only added fuel to a fire burning deep in Thord's soul. Together they realized that the only way to change the corrupt state of the world was to assemble a great army of their own. With Attlus' help, Thord convinced his fellow dwarves from the Grayven Mountains to unite and create the spark that will set the fire of a rebellion.

The fun thing about the Mythic Legions figures is that while we get a little bit of information about the characters, there's still a lot of room for making up your own personalities. For instance, we know that Thord Ironjaw has a major distrust of authority, but what else about him? Imagine he's sensitive about his height: not worried that he's too short, but that he's too tall, so he's constantly hunching over.

Of course, if he wants to be short, then why would he wear a helmet with two gigantic black horns coming up off the sides? Those reach up almost as tall as the normal human characters! Well, even if you ignore the fact that the horns can be rotated to face whatever direction you wish (he looks spectacular with them curving down next to his big bushy beard, for instance), then what could possibly be shorter than trying to look tall?

Thord stands only 5½" tall (minus the horns), and shares the entirety of his body sculpt with the Bronze Dwarf Legion Builder - everything from the neck to the pointy toes is the same, with just the colors to set him apart. Well, the colors and the shoulder pads: the armybuilder had the big pauldrons, while this figure has the smaller ones. Of course, those are optional equipment anyway, so if you don't plug them into his back, the difference isn't there.

The armor itself is silver, while the edges are picked out in gold. His accent color is bright blue: it's in the stripes on his chest, arms and legs, and really adds a little flash to the design, simultaneously contrasting with the red of the beard. His armored loincloth is black with gold rivets, and if not for its blue stripe, the helmet would look like it belongs to a different character: it swaps the armor colors, giving us a gold base and silver outlines.

If you want to give the head to a different character, it'll be easy to do: the Mythic Legions figures have a modular construction that allows you to pull them apart at the joints and recombine them however you like. Like all the others, Thord has a balljointed head, swivel neck, swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, balljointed torso, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, swivel/hinge knees, and swivel/hinge/swivel ankles. Perfect for making him squat down to hide his shameful height!

You'd think that the name Thord "Ironjaw" would imply that he had some sort of mouth prosthesis, but if he does, it's hidden behind that luxurious beard of his. He's not without weaponry, though! He's armed with the long sword and the angular axe, both done in silver and blue to match his armor. The sword also appears to have a sloppy gold wash on it that makes it look tarnished or rusty. Like pretty much everyone else, he gets the brown leather strap to circle around his chest. There's the standard shield, with the symbol of Attlus' group of wildlings painted on the front; the shield has a silver edge and golden center, but it's a different shade of gold than the one used for his armor. If you give Thord the pauldrons, they help make the helmet look less out-of-place, because they too have the "reversed" colors - they do bump against his berd slightly, however, which will limit the range of motion on his head.

When you buy a Four Horseman toy, you know you're going to get quality - Thord Ironjaw may not be one of the flashiest or craziest-looking Mythic Legionnaires, but he is undeniably well made and a lot of fun.

-- 01/21/17

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