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Brother Mandibulus

Mythic Legions
by yo go re

Someone should really try making an entire toyline out of just skeleton warriors.

Mandibulus is the most vocal and visible of Necronominus' three remaining children. Often springing into action on his sister Morgolyth's behalf, his aggressive ruthlessness is terrifying to behold. While his brother Malleus is obsessed with the preservation of their father's teachings and his sister Morgolyth is focused on leading their faction, Mandibulus' sights are set on the complete slaughter of all who oppose his family and their disciples.

So does that make him the Eric, or the Donald Jr.? Which one is the dope with the mind of a child? I get that when the bio calls him "the most visible" of the siblings it just means he's out in the world being evil, but it's funny to imagine they meant it literally, that the other two are half-transparent because of magic or something. Like, their idea of being secretive and secluded involves turning themselves clear. Because evil is dumb.

Brother Mandibulus is definitely a frightening-looking creature, even though almost none of his bony body is visible. He wears a helmet with spikes and bone horns on it, a slatted visor, and a chainmail hood covering down to his neck. It's reminiscent of a medieval Judge Death, especially with the gaping-mouthed skull inside it. The visor itself is articulated, but it can only hinge down, not up.

His outfit is minorly asymmetrical: the torso uses the tabard chest, and the legs both have the jagged armor (matching his belt and gloves), but the right arm is fully armored, while the left has the bare bone arm with the layered rerebrace attached. Like we said, it's only a little difference - just the upper arm and the bit between the elbow and glove - but it makes him stand out from the crowd. And the more of these Mythic Legions you get, the more important it will be. Way to be your own guy, BroMan!

Mandy's tunic is pretty stylish. It's divided in half, red and black, and switches at the waist. On the chest is a stylized version of his faction's symbol, like he's a superhero or something. Up up and away, Necromininus Man's come to save the day! Or, well, "ruin" the day, I guess? He's more villain than hero. Still, with all their opposite number's ranks carrying an image of their god on their shields, the Congregation needed at least one guy willing to show his devotion physically.

The figure is one of the ones who gets softgoods, but not a cape this time: rather, he gets two small flaps of cloth in red and black that serve to create a full skirt for him instead of just the loincloth. Sadly, neither the red nor the black match the painted colors, but the pieces are designed to look old and worn, with ragged edges and some added dirt. Neat!

We also get a lot of really interesting accessories! Rather than the usual sword, his "default" weapon is the big scary spear from the Dark Forces Weapon Pack, something that was unlocked at $675k ($360k after Mandibulus himself). And then at $765k, he got a Tibius-style skull with a hinged jaw - something very appropriate for a character named after the mandible. From back in the frist series, he gets the mace and the orc sword, which are both stylistically connected to his jagged armor - though clearly not as strongly as the two pauldrons he comes with, as well. It's tough to get the orc sword into the carrying strap, but it can be done with some work.

Brother Mandibulus is a fearsome character with outstanding weapons and an unsettling design; what's not to like about that?

-- 09/28/19

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