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Mythic Legions: Wasteland
by yo go re

We really are loading up on the bad guys, huh?

Born from an abominable experiment marrying arcane resurrection magic and savagely untraditional science, Kronnaw is a walking nightmare made real. Built for the sole purpose of destroying life, he is the terrifying personification of pure evil. Void of any recognizable personality or emotion, Kronnaw's directive to kill randomly and without judgement can be as dangerous to his own allies as it is to his enemies. Like a bomb that detonates and kills indiscriminately, Kronnaw's path of destruction continues to carve its way through Bjorngar one massacre after the next.

Each of the Mythic Legions bonus series has its own little story - "Covenant of Shadows" was about the villains teaming up, "Coliseum" was about the gladiators gladiating, "Soul Spiller" was about an evil sword, "Siege at Bjorngar" was about the Legion of Arethyr attacking their neighbors to the north, and now "Wasteland" is about everybody wandering around after that battle. None of that info is directly revealed anywhere, you just have to piece it together from reading all the bios.

Joining Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Panthor, Kronnaw is another Masters of the Universe homage - clearly he's Beast-Man. [You're a few series too early on that one --ed.] Okay, okay, he's Trap-Jaw; even the name "Kronnaw" is a cross between Trap-Jaw and his pre-TJ identity, Kronis. The MotU design translates to Mythic Legions surprisingly well, giving him a bare, muscular torso and left arm in bright blue, jagged black boots and armor covering his right arm all the way to the shoulder, suggesting Trap-Jaw's mechanical prosthetic - and if the line in the bio about "science" is to be believed, it may be mechanical here, too.

His head is the skull with the hinged jaw, which is the only mold they have with a jaw separate enough to even suggest a trap - just painting a normal, fleshy head magenta around the chin wouldn't have cut it. The rest of the skull is a toxic-looking green, though he could use some yellow in the eye sockets. He does come with a magenta crown thing, which reaches down just far enough to meet up with the jawbone, creating the illusion that the two of them are a single metallic device he's wearing. That's kind of neat!

The figure's skirt is the strappy leather one, because the big belt that's molded as part of it does a good job standing in for Trap-Jaw's humongous weight belt, right down to the skull in the center! He also wears the long, fuzzy loincloth, done in a bright magenta - flat, because it's fur, not metallic like the headgear. He has one black pauldron, to bulk up his fake arm, and includes a black version of the usual weapon strap, which you can align to make it look like it's holding the armor on.

Kronnaw has the usual Mythic Legions construction and thus the usual articulation - which also means if you wanted to put Keltuss' yellow skull on a bulkier blue body, you now have that option. A little bit, at least. He'd be missing an arm.

The figure doesn't have interchangable weapon hands, because that's not a thing in this line yet, but he does have weapons: a long sword that can go into his chest strap, a dagger to put in his belt, a dwarven axe, and a morning star with a real metal chain. It's not exactly a hook, a claw, and a gun, but it does give us variety.

And then, there's the alternate head. All the figures seem to have one, and almost all the figures suffer for it. This is the Blood Armor head, done in black with grey horns. It may match the armor, but there's nothing about it that even distantly references Trap-Jaw. Imagine if they'd given us a head that was more human, to turn this psuedo-Trap-Jaw into a pseudo-Kronis. Of course, looking through the archives, there really aren't any male heads with a helmet and a bare face - it's honestly just the Elf head from Series 2, and that might not fit on this neck. Regardless, this is an option that won't be seeing a lot of use.

It's always fun seeing how the Four Horsemen use their MyLe parts library to create knockoff Eternians. Right now, "All Stars 3" has preorders for She-Ra and Hordak, and we can't wait to see what they do after that. Kronnaw is definitely one of the stronger updates, right up there with Keltuss and Cowarros in being instantly recognizable.

-- 02/17/20

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