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by yo go re


Subject entered employment with an I.Q. count of 4.1 and GMA personality matrix count of 5.3. Near discontinuity of employment, I.Q. dropped to 4.0, while GMA rose to 5.6. Indicates subject begin acclimating to company duties and social environment. Performance quotients remained just within expected ratings based on subject's bio-environmental influences.

Subject exhibited passive response to violent childhood memories when given the Steiner/Korngold GMF Analysis, which indicates reversal and sublimation of hostility. In subject's case, condition requires no external treatment strategies because self-adjustment had been obtained during company training procedures and due to friendship formed between subject and another company employee (Parker, NOC-G1/WBN-409665209053-799). Passivity behavior can be a positive factor on extended up mode transits. Subject's performance ratings remained static throughout company assignment.

SPECIAL NOTE: Subject was remanded to company employment from U.S. Federal Rehabilitation Program for Displaced Youth, or FREPDISY/subject committed a level 8 felony when 17 (c.f. File JJ-Psych 998338383-GH) and after immediate bio-social reform systems proved successful, was transported to ICC Trade School, (Mars Campus) and passed all courses with moderate achievement ratings. Due to ICC bylaws in this circumstance, subject cannot be promoted until full review and evaluation has been completed by a combination of FREPDISY and ICC agencies. Employment was interrupted 2/17/2134, c.f. DOCUMENT 81 under File BG97-G.

Brett's actor, Harry Dean Stanton, was definitely a recognizable face by the time Alien was filmed - he'd been acting since the '50s, and had a reputation among directors as a reliable professional. And now NECA has licensed that recognizable face for their Alien 40th Anniversary line, complete with digital painting so he can look his best.

This is a fully new sculpt. If we assume the packaging's credit for Trevor Grove means the likeness, then everything below the neck is by Alex Heinke. Brett is even more laid back than his buddy Parker. At least Parker was wearing Company-issued clothes; Brett's got a Hawaiian shirt under his brown-olive drab jacket. He's chosen the rumpled blue cargo pants, rather than white, and in addition to the jacket he's wearing a baseball cap. Poor guy must get pretty cold up there in space!

His outfit gives us plenty of opportunity to appreciate Jon Wardell and Geoffrey Trapp's work with the paint. His pants are grimy, since he's been crawling around in the bowels of the ship, and his jacket has the "Nostromo" logo printed on the back. If you've ever wondered, the font is a modified version of Pump - it lines up almost perfectly with Pump Demi Bold, but that wasn't designed until 1980, so either the design team took Pump Bold (1970) and trimmed it down, or Pump Medium (1975) and bulked it up. There's a patch (inspired by a French military button from the Geographical Engineers Corps) on the front of his hat, and the breast of his jacket has an American Tricentennial patch and a specialized version of the Weyland-Yutani wings with his crew insignia badge pinned in the center - a badge that looks like a stylized view of an aircraft engine, exactly what you'd expect for the Engineers. [Not those ones --ed.] Plus, the bright colors of his shirt are applied cleanly, and really stand out from his jacket.

The articulation is as good as ever: head, shoulders, double elbows, wrists, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Remember back when you had to handle NECA figures like glass, lest they disintegrate in your hands? Thank goodness those days are behind us. Brett may not be an "action" guy (despite being the first person in the franchise to face an adult xenomorph), but it's still preferable that he be able to move than that he just be a statue.

Not much to say about the accessories. He's got the same electric prod Parker came with, and the same wrongly designed motion tracker as Ripley. Not even any alternate hands or anything. Or a different version of Jonesy, since hunting the kitty was what got Brett in trouble.

He may have been in nerdy properties like Avengers and Escape from New York, but Harry Dean Stanton isn't an actor you'd expect to get an action figure - at least, not one with a real likeness. And though this isn't one of NECA's patented "impossible" figures, like John Hurt's Kane, it's still cool to get Brett to give Parker some back-up.

-- 12/19/20

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