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T-1000 (Liquid Nitrogen)

Terminator 2
by yo go re

Damn, looks like somebody ran afoul of the Snow Miser!

- A more advanced Terminator, composed of mimetic pollyalloy, [sic] a liquid metal that allows it to take the shape and appearance of anyone or anything it touches.
- Pursuing our heroes from Cyberdyne Systems to a factory steel mill, the T-1000 becomes frozen solid by liquid nitrogen from a ruptured tanker truck. The T-800 shatters the T-1000 with a gunshot, but the fragments soon meld back together again so the T-1000 can resume it's
[sic] mission.

After buying three "street cop" T-1000s from NECA, I wasn't in any particular hurry to get the "motorcycle cop" version (the Steel Mill figure, being a combo of the two, is sort of a nebulous gray area - it got bonus points for the new [and scene-specific] boots). Nothing against the biker look, it's just that all the cool stuff happened before he got his helmet. And if the biker wasn't going to come with his bike (or at least with four arms, so he could shoot a gun and pilot a helicopter at the same time), then there was nothing to make him a must-have. Leave it to NECA to come up with a reason.

The usual uniform may look boring, but this isn't the usual uniform. Since this figure represents the T-1000 after getting doused with liquid nitrogen, his clothes aren't painted black like all the rest have been. The entire thing is done in a bluish-grey, with a lighter spray over the top to make him look frosty. His skin is blue, and the entire thing has a bit of a metallic sheen to remind us this isn't some human who got freeze-dried. There are still apps on his badge and the LAPD patches on his sleeves, too. The entire figure is then covered with... well, we don't know what. In order to better sell the "frosted" appearance, the toy has been sprayed with small grains of some sort in order to suggest ice crystals forming. The effect is very much like a salted pretzel.

You will want to look at the figure in person before buying it. Not only do the frost pellets very from figure to figure, but one of the figures at TRU was completely messed up: the different levels of paint were misaligned, so the face looked terrible. It didn't look like frost and ice, it looked like he'd fallen asleep in an oil slick. This is the same head as the other motorcyle cop, which is itself a disappointment.

The iconic look for the T-1000, after being frozen, is not him standing there looking completely normal and salty, now is it? Of course not. It's him with his legs and arm snapped off, from where they stuck to the frozen floor. Clearly NECA couldn't mold the figure with missing feet (it would be very cool, but would likely have cost too much to do it properly), but they do alternate arms all the time; this line is designed around it! Imagine how much better this figure would have been if he came with a second "broken" forearm, and the head had the look of surprise/confusion as he looked at the stump. It might not have been 100% screen accurate, but it's close enough. We doubt NECA is planning to mold all-new legs for a kneeling, footless version of the T-1000 in a later series, so this was a missed opportunity. As it is, all he comes with is the same pistol the others had - and it's not even frozen.

Since this is just the normal T-1000 Motorcycle Cop body, it just gets the normal T-1000 Motorcycle Cop articulation. That means a balljointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows (the latter being why a replacement arm would have worked), swivel waist, and swivel/hinge knees. This is another reason you'll want in inspect the Liquid Nitrogen figure before you buy it: the "salt" can fall off easily, so you'll want to make sure it's not too heavy near the joints.

T-1000 (Liquid Nitrogen) is a pretty cool toy, thanks mainly to its unusual paintscheme - no matter how many T-1000s you already have, you don't have one that looks like this. The same old face and the same whole arm keep this from being a really "wow" release, though.

-- 01/06/13

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