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Stompin' Wompa

Star Wars Adventures
by yo go re

When Mark Hammil was in a motorcycle accident during the shooting of The Empire Strikes Back, the producers had to come up with a reason for his slightly different appearance.

While patrolling the ice planet Hoth on a gentle tauntaun, Luke Skywalker is captured by a nasty wampa who is stompin' mad. But our hero Luke is soon joined by his friend Han Solo, and together they force the Wampa to cool it!

Luke is almost an omni-present force in these Playskool sets so far: out of the three I have, each had its own Luke. This Luke shares the same stature as his two brothers: 2" tall, molded in a squat pose, articulated at the right wrist. Since he has yet to lose his lightsaber at Bespin, Luke's got his blue blade. His padded costume is painted in cream, brown, and light blues. The goggles on his head have a slight metallic sheen, and his scarf is blowing in the wind. His expression is sort of a grimace.

Unless you can find the ultra-scarce Millennium Falcon, this is the only place you'll be finding Han Solo. He's a bit taller than Luke, as it should be. He has no articulation, but still looks good; the hooded blue jacket he wears is well sculpted, from detailed medals to furry trim. He's got a smirk on his face and his distinctive blaster in his hand. He again has that goofy squatting stance.

The Wampa is an impressive sight at 3" tall. His detailed fur is painted with tones of yellow and red, his nails are black, his big horns are ridged and he's clutching a large grey bone in his left hand. Pull his right arm back and release to make him swipe at the other figures. Place Luke's left hand near the Wampa's chest for Jedi Force action: his eyes roll back in his head and he gets confused.

The cute little Tauntaun is a bit larger than the wampa, oddly, but he still looks great. His fur is sculpted just as well as his big white predator's, though his is highlighted with shades of blue. His claws and horns are all a light brown, and his tan muzzle has the appropriate four nostrils. He's got huge brown eyes, which just make the poor doomed beast look that much more pathetic.

With two heroes and two large beasts, this is a really good set. Despite the fact that these are intended for preschoolers, Playskool hasn't really cut any corners; the sculpt, paint and playability are all in the "A" range.

-- 04/19/03

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