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Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

A "retro" figure from 2020.

Genetically-enhanced Jessica Drew takes on a security job that is more than it seems, bringing Spider-Woman face-to-face with nemeses new and old.

After giving birth to her son, Gerry, Spider-Woman worked as a private investigator to pay her bills. But getting constantly roped into various Spider-Verses, Civil Wars, Secret Empires, D-tier Avengers- and Spider-teams, Kree trials, and whatever other shenannigans meant she didn't have time to take any paying jobs, so she was nearly broke and had to accept an offer to bodyguard a teenager's superhero-themed Sweet Sixteen party. She was utterly embarrassed to be seen doing anything like that, and that's why she's got a new costume. Oh, I almost forgot: in order to get her baby out of the story, they literally sent him to a farm upstate. Have fun playing with all our childhood pets, Gerry.

This truly is a nice design, created by Dave Johnson, but it doesn't really feel right for Jessica Drew - at least, not this version of her. As convoluted as her various conflicting origins have been, fully zero of them have had anything to do with Spider-Man, so this costume taking elements from his is just a weird choice. Save it for an alternate reality version.

The suit is mainly black, with red sections on the soles of the feet, and across the shoulders and down the outsides of the arms. Like Pete's suit, these have a web pattern covering them. The very angular Spider symbol on her chest harkens back to her excellent Kris Anka "biker" costume, which she sadly stopped wearing when she got back into superheroics instead of private eye work. The symbol's body and legs are red, with a yellow triangle referencing her original costume. That triangle has sort of become her icon, which is it's repeated here on her forehead, gloves, between her shoulder blades, and on the back of her calves, which keeps all the black from being overhwelming.

You'll never guess what Marvel Legends body this figure uses! (At least, some of you won't.) It's the dummy thicc one, with the big ol' butt. That's the one used for the original Hasbro Jessica in 2015, so it's right that they're still using it for her now. In fact, the Series 6 Kris Anka figure should have used it, too. And heck, in the comic she specifically points out that this costume "makes [her] butt look amaaazing," so the toy needed to live up to that. The chest is the same new one Veranke had, and the head goes all the way back to the "Fierce Fighters" Spider-Woman.

The figure doesn't have any accessories, just alternate hands: fists or gesturing. Since this is a totally reused body, you already know what the articulation is like: swivel/hinge ankles, double-hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, a balljoint chest, swivel/hinge wrists, double-hinged elbows (since this costume doesn't have stupid webs in the armpits, she's not relegated to the old upper arms with the slots molded into them), swivel biceps, swivel/hinge shoulders, and then a hinged neck and balljointed head that don't serve much purpose thanks to her long hair.

This figure is entirely existing molds, has no accessories, has no Build-A-Figure parts... and yet Hasbro thinks you should pay $25 for it. It's a cool costume, but no. It's not worth that much, don't pay it. Fortunately for us, she's one of the figures Target got in and clearanced less than a month later. That's bad for sustainability, but maybe it can teach Hasbro a lesson about how much their toys are actually worth. If a company tries to steal from you, you have every right to steal from them.

-- 11/06/23

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