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Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Behold, the Pyoomaymin!

The genetically engineered Thomas Fireheart can transform himself into a half-mountain-lion, half-human known as Puma.

Considering he's a Native American character created in the 1980s, Puma is surprisingly nuanced. Sure, he's got quasi-mystical animal powers, which is pretty high on the magical stereotype checklist, but he's also an extremely capable financial manager with a genius-level IQ, has an MBA, and is the CEO of his own multinational company. Furthermore, he's definitely not a peaceful, noble type, because he's regularly selling his were-cat services as a mercenary. That's how he first ran across Spider-Man, in fact: hired by a mob boss to kill him. Might have succeeded, too, if the contract hadn't been cancelled.

Puma uses an existing body, one we have yet to create a handy reference page for. Well, consider that corrected! It's really not that different from the "medium" body, but every little bit of variety in the ranks of re-use helps, doesn't it? As you may recall from the Spider-UK/Cosmic Spidey releases, the defining feature of this mold are the cloth-like wrinkles, perhaps most noticeable on the butt. Plus, Hasbro finally found a way to reuse some of those Jackal molds, because Puma's hands, feet and arms are sculpted with varying levels of fur. He also has fur accents on his shins, a very large belt, a band around his left bicep, and a necklace of animal teeth around his neck. The armband has feathers on it, and a pair stick out of his hair, too.

The face is sculpted in mid-snarl, with the snout wrinkled, the brows knit, and the mouth open to reveal some cute little fangs. He has pointy ears and big, fuzzy muttonchops, because every animalistic character has to have those. There's a big scar over his right eye, which is true to the comics, but also weird: it only exists when he's Puma, not when he's Thomas.

Puma's colorscheme is mustardy-orange fur and dark red ochre clothing. His bands are golden, and it's a nice shade, not blue - possibly because of all the warm colors it's around. The feathers are red with white tips, and the necklace is sort of an ecru - not actual white, but close. The figure also has all the articulation that's standard for this body, though the shin swivels do get concealed by all the fur; you may have to move the bands up or down slightly to get them clear of the joint.

The Build-A-Figure piece included here is a big white potato (aka Kingpin's gigantic torso).

Puma is an unexpected choice to get a Marvel Legend, not being a particularly popular (or even regularly used) character, but they did a decent job on him. And we won't be surprised to see this turn up as the base for a lot of Sh'iar Imperial Guard "Fang" customs in the future.

-- 04/14/19

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