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Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Being bad has never looked so good.

A deluded demonic entity who believed he had a divine mission to punish "sinners," the Demogoblin ultimately died while saving the life of an innocent child!

Thank you, random trading card, for info we were unaware of! Between this and the Minimate, Demogoblin is getting all sorts of love recently. And this Spider-Man Marvel Legends series doesn't even have the excuse of being based on the "Maximum Carnage" crossover - with Carnage himself, Doppelganger, and now Demogoblin, we're only one Shriek shy of completing the Marvel U's superpowered Manson Family, but that's mere coincidence, not intent. [You forgot Carrion was part of it, too --ed.]

Demogoblin is the Build-A-Figure for Series 9 of the Spidey Legends. There are six figures in the series, but he's made from 9 pieces, counting accessories - obviously there's a little bit of doubling-up going on. Anyway, get them all, push the pieces together, and you've got yourself a nice bonus figure for your collection.

This is not the first Demogoblin Hasbro has released - in fact, he was one of the first Marvel figures they did after getting the license! That was just a repaint of a ToyBiz figure, however, while this one is their own creation. Surprisingly, it's not just a straight repaint. While he does use the scaly arms and slightly baggy tunic seen on Hobgoblin (and the same curly-toed boots), he gets fully covered legs, instead of more scales. Plus, the ragged gloves and the clawed hands are entirely new! His cape sticks out quite a way from his back, there are chains around his wrists, and the belt and strap running over his shoulder are molded as a single piece.

Then of course, there's the head. The Series 4 Hobgoblin came with an alternate "demon" head, but that's when he was still bonded to a human - in other words, he was only half demon. This one has been separated, so his features are even more exaggerated, with mighty fangs, a pointy tongue waving about, and huge, heavy brows. It's all wrapped up in a tattered hood.

Demogoblin's colorscheme is an inverted version of the Hobgoblin suit: dark blue clothes with lighter yellow skin. The blue is accented by a vibrant red, with gold on the chains, buckle, and the stylized devilish belt buckle.

The figure moves at the ankles, shins, knees, thighs, hips, waist, chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, neck, and head. Everything moves nicely, once you get his pieces all plugged together.

Although Demogoblin had the ability to create his own pumpkin bombs out of mystical hellfire, the figure doesn't include any. That said, he does have something more important, his fiery Goblin Glider. It's a new mold, cast in translucent yellow and red plastic to show the way it's just made of flame, nothing solid. There are loops to hold his feet in place, and a socket on the bottom that allows it to fit onto the same clear stand that originally came with the Star Wars Black Series Speeder Bike: the base is a tetrahedron, cleverly designed in such a way that its three balljoints will each hold the glider at a different height, depending on which side you have pointing up: 3¾", 3", or 2½". And yet it remains perfectly sturdy! This was a really neat design then, and it's still a really neat design now.

With his new combination of pieces, plus a few new molds and a terrific accessory, the Demogoblin is one awesome BAF.

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-- 03/19/20

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