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Suicide Squad
by yo go re

Do you think this insane clown is also confused by how magnets work?

Chaos personified, The Joker is violent, incredibly dangerous, and revels in every single moment of the chaos he creates. Batman's greatest, most unpredictable adversary, he is also Arkham Asylum's most infamous resident, as well as the love of Squad member Harley Quinn's life.

Joker is Arkham Asylum's most infamous resident, and his actor is (currently) Hollywood's most notorious A-hole. In the run-up to the film's release, there was no avoiding stories about Jared Leto's idiotic "method acting" preparations for the role, from mailing his castmates used condoms and anal beads to having a henchman drop off a dead pig at the table read. Basically, he made himself an insufferable jackhole and alienated all his coworkers for a whopping 10 minutes of screentime. The last time a guy named Jared made decisions this poor, Subway had to get a new ad campaign.

There is a Joker in the normal mass retail line, but this is the Toys Я Us exclusive. Fortunately, the differences between them are pretty extensive. We begin, sadly, with the arms and legs from the usual Movie Masters suit body. No one ever gets tired of seeing that pigeon-toed old thing, right? At least it's only the limbs - Joker is wearing a silver jacket with black lapels over a red shirt, because why shouldn't the Joker dress like a Vegas lounge singer? The shirt is open, allowing us to glimpse his tattooed torso. Without prying the coat off, it's hard to tell how extensive the tats are, but you can make out part of the jester skull, a bunch of "Ha Ha Ha"s, and just a bit of the "JOKER" and big smile on his stomach. Obviously the bright smile on his left hand is clear as day, as are the face tattoos.

Ah, the face tattoos. The pinacle of the DC Extended Universe's idea of "subtlety." Let's tattoo the word "Damaged" on a character's forehead, because how else will we know he's mentally unstable? The normal figure is smiling, but this one looks angry. Actually, with his closed mouth and slicked-back hair, he's reminiscent of the vaguely Tim-Curryish Joker of Dark Knight Returns. Which, honestly, we're a little okay with.

The articulation is exactly what you think it is: ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, torso, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders and neck. The coat keeps his torso hinge from moving very far, but that's no surprise, either. So he doesn't move like a maniac, but he does at least have enough articulation to brandish his weapons decently. He comes with a pistol and a switchblade. They're both molded in purple, but the gun gets a few paint apps as well: white on the grip, and gold along the barrel.

TRU Joker is one of the exclusive figures that comes with alternate pieces for Killer Croc. His are the arms, or more accurately, the sleeves - remember, "the Ultimate Croc" is differentiated from the normal by virtue of wearing a hoodie. Thus, sleeves.

The normal Joker figure isn't out yet. He'll be coming in the second wave of figures, released later this year. So for now, if you need a Suicide Squad Joker, TRU is the only place to get one; and nicely, he's completely unlike the mass market version.

-- 08/10/16

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