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Admiral Ackbar and First Order Officer

SWVIII: The Last Jedi
by yo go re

Ah, memories!

Ackbar became a Grand Admiral in the New Republic, winning many victories, including the pivotal Battle of Jakku. He retired to Mon Cala, but was coaxed back into service with the Resistance by Leia Organa.

Remember the internet bros who hated The Last Jedi for totally legit reasons, you guys, and not just because the heroes weren't a bunch of white guys? Remember how they also hated Vice Admiral Laura Dern for equally legitimate, non-sexist reasons, and not because she reminded them of every competent woman who didn't have time to humor them and put up with their self-entitled bullcrap? The claim was that Holdo wasn't fit to be an admiral because she... wore purple? It just wasn't "believable." Solid logic there, Chad. Funny how no one ever had a problem "believing" in the walking seafood platter. What could the difference be, I wonder!

Though I recognize Last Jedi's place in the hierarchy of Star Wars movies, it's still vastly disappointing that this figure is based on that movie - who would ever choose Ackbar in his earthtone uniform over the dress whites we know from RotJ? It's like getting a Force Awakens C-3PO and leaving the real one for an exclusive: close, but not close enough. He's wearing a drab, colorless smock with some sort of rank insignia on the chest and a brown belt around the waist. He pairs this with blue pants and brown boots that would absolutely never fit a Mon Calimari's foot. His forearms are bare, allowing us to see their crab-influenced design and count his weird fingers.

The head, at least, is pure Ackbar. That's the most recognizable thing about him, and it didn't change much between films: big bulbous squid-head, eyes sticking out to the sides, a chin so wrinkly it would make Thanos jealous... it's all there. Contrary to what some folks would have you believe, Ackbar was never an important character in Star Wars: he's only in Jedi for about three minutes, and all he does is narrate the battle. He's an impressive practical costume and a meme, nothing more, so it's pleasing that they duplicated the mask so well.

The figure has a lot of the usual joints - ankles, knees, thighs, hips, torso, wrists, elbows, and shoulders - but the head is weird. It's not a balljoint, like most are; or if it is, it's so stiff as to be basically functionless. What we do get is a hinge that allows the head to tip backwards. The jaw is a separate piece that fits around the neck, allowing it to stay in place and gape while the upper head moves, making his mouth open and close. That's great and all, but it's not worth the tradeoff of not getting a balljointed head. He does get a blaster rifle, though, because of all those familiar scenes where Admiral Ackbar uses, holds, or even sees a gun.

The officers of the First Order military forces show unwavering allegiance to Supreme Leader Snoke, leading his massive armies and fleet in a relentless drive to dominate the galaxy.

Yeah, yeah, that's great, nobody cares. If you want an Admiral Ackbar, the only way to get him is in a two-pack with this Imperial Officer. He's a pre-paint of "First Order Disguise" Finn: the same body, but with a new head. And really the only paint difference below the head is the exposed skin on the neck, so it's not like there was a lot of paint to change. The sculpt is decently detailed, with all the appropriate seams and a fine amount of wrinkles. There are four verical bars on his chest, and a band around the left forarm says "Dillon" in Aurebesh. Guess that's his name! [First Order officers wear the names of Imperial heroes on their sleeves --ed.]

Although this is more or less a generic officer, it certainly looks a lot like a specific character seen in the film. He's never named (so we can't tell you the actor), but he's seen standing next to Captain Peavey aboard the Finalizer when Poe is tooling with Hux. That's clearly who this toy is meant to be, right? He looks a bit sad, and if you remove his hat, you'll see his fade haircut is painted on.

In addition to the hat, Dillon is armed with a blaster pistol that can store in the holster on his belt. He has the complete set of articulation, with no omissions.

This isn't a particularly exciting set, with an Imperial officer nobody would recognize, and an Admiral Ackbar wearing the clothes nobody wants. That's why it was still available during Toys Я Us' final days. I wouldn't have gotten the set otherwise. And even with that special place in my toy-buying history, this might end a Toys for Tots donation this winter.

-- 08/22/18

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