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Holiday Edition Snowtrooper

Star Wars
by yo go re

Okay, Hasbro ya got me; I've now re-bought a "Holiday Edition" Star Wars mold I already had.

Celebrate the season with specially designed Star Wars figures from The Black Series.

This is, of course, a Snowtrooper, perhaps the most appropriate choice for a figure to get a Holiday Edition repaint. Here's the character's standard bio: Snowtroopers are Stormtroopers trained for operations in arctic conditions and equipped with specialized gear to protect them against cold. In Hasbro's defense, the last time they used the Snowtrooper was three years ago, so it's not like this was an immediate double-dip. Gotta space these things out at least a bit, you know!

The 2023 Holiday Edition Snowtrooper is not just painted randomly in red and green, but is instead patterned to look like a snowman. The top of his helmet is black with a red stripe around it, like he's wearing an old silk hat someone found, and the white gaiter covering his lower face has a big orange triangle painted on it - a carrot! It's just a flat element, obviously, so the illusion looks better from one side than the other, but paired with the five black dots forming a smile, it looks quite cute!

The very bottom of his hood still looks like a scarf, though this time it's just one striped band rather than attempting to look like he's totally bundled up. Like a traditional Snowtrooper, his armor is white, though the undersuit is a dark brown, to suggest his arms and legs have just been made from sticks found nearby. There are several large black circles on the front of the chest, like he's been given coal buttons, and we get a bit of extra color in the red outlines on his pauldrons, the full kneepads, and the three stripes around each shin.

His backpack is nearly identical to the older release: that one was solid green, while this one is solid green... with a red panel at the bottom. It's not much, but it's enough to keep you from confusing the two releases. And really, what else could a snowman have on his back? It's not like there's some traditional snowman back bling the way there is a traditional snowman hat or anything. They could have done the scarf pattern verticaully on one side, like a trailing end tossed over his shoulder, maybe?

The articulation is fine. You'd expect the legs to be somewhat blocked by the bottom of the coat and the big belt and everything else, and they are too a degree, but all those bits are molded from a soft PVC that flexes out of the way pretty well. They won't go to the sides, and he's not going to be sitting down, but he's not immobile, either. And the scarf doesn't block the head much, either.

The figure includes a DLT-20A blaster rifle, which also came with the original 2016 Black Series Snowtrooper, but not the 2020 Holiday Edition, so I'm still getting something new with this release. It's painted here white, grey, and orange, like a Nerf gun, though there's never been a Nerf version of this particular weapon. The idea carries across, though, so that's a nice bit.

All the Black Series Holiday Edition figures come with a pack-in, to help up the value. The Snowtrooper gets a fairly substantial piece: an IT-0 Interrogation Droid. Originally available in 2018 as a pack-in with Grand Moff Tarkin, this version of it is done in white instead of black, and has light blue airbrushing over the top. Presumably it's meant to be a giant snowball? Perhaps for hucking at your enemies, or as the base of a new snowman.

It's a bit plain, honestly, though if they really were going for "snowball," it's not like painting all the panel lines and such would make any kind of sense. They could have done "festive tree ornament," but that would still work in future years. And this still makes more sense than the Purge Trooper's... jingle bell, maybe? Yeah, we still don't know what that was supposed to be. But hey, a jingle bell! That's something else that would be logical to paint this accessory into! Ornament, jingle bell, chocolate orange, Ferrero Rocher... lots of things that would be better than a snowball. Or at least more visually interesting. Since Interrogation Droids hover, the toy includes a tall translucent stand that plugs into the underside to keep it from having to lay on the ground.

The 2023 Holiday Edition Snowtrooper is a Target exclusive, and has been fairly easy to find. Better concept than last year's, too. Now that the line is branching out from "elf colors" to different sorts of character designs, a Snowtrooper snowman with a giant snowball is a fun creation.

-- 12/30/23

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