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Camie Marstrap & Laze "Fixer" Loneozner

SW: Empire
by yo go re

Hey, look at that! It turns out Hasbro hasn't yet made every character who appeared onscreen in Star Wars - as long as you're charitable enough to consider deleted scenes as appearing "onscreen."

Fixer and Camie meet their friends Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter at Tosche Station to work on their T-16 skyhoppers. As they make plans to go swooping through Beggar's Canyon to bulls-eye womp rats, they share their dream of leaving behind the remote desert planet of Tatooine to seek out fame and glory as part of the Rebel Alliance.

Camie Marstrap was one of the "friends" Luke whined about mentioned going to see at Tosche Station in the first movie. Those scenes were all filmed, but got cut in editing, which is really kind of a shame: in the film as you know it, Luke appears to be a loner; he doesn't have anything in his life other than his aunt and uncle. If his friends are still in the movie, though, you get a better sense of what he's giving up by leaving Tatooine with zero notice.

Camie's parents managed an underground hydroponic garden, buying most of their water from the Lars homestead. Luke had a crush on her (which seems only natural, since she appears to be the only girl he knew - possibly the only one on the whole planet other than Bea Arthur), but she didn't reciprocate. However, after the deaths of Owen and Beru, local rumor held that their nephew killed them and ran off, but Camie was one of the few who refused to believe it.

Camie is dressed like a typical resident of Tatooine - that is, in clothes that would have been normal for a Jedi. Judging by scenes from the film, her skirt should be more yellow, but the rest of the costume is accurate. She's got an off-white top tied with a sash and is sporting knee-high brown boots. Apparently she's decided the best way to beat the heat of twin suns is to forgo underwear entirely - or maybe that's just what Luke saw in her, hey? She's not the first Star Wars girl to go commando, but the slit in her skirt makes it more apparent.

Camie was played by Koo Stark, the only person [other than Samuel L. Jackson, of course --ed.] to appear in both Star Wars and an adult film. She was considered for the role of Princess Leia, so you could swap heads and pretend you live in an alternate universe. The face captures the look of a girl who's the hottest piece in a small town, but would be nothing if you took her to the big city.

Camie has one accessory, her... pet. Hasbro calls it a "dog," but isn't that rather mundane for the Star Wars universe? Shouldn't it be, like, a Mondavian Splarg Runtlet or something? It's an unarticulated piece, but it's new and detailed well. It's posed to rest in her hands, but since she's as articulated as any modern SW toy, she can do other things when she's not busy petting her hairy little monster.

Laze "Fixer" Loneozner is in the same category as Camie: he's not wearing any underwear. Wait, no! Not that. He's one of Luke's friends. But really, he's that friend we all have at some point in our lives, the one we don't know why we're friends with. He's a jerk and a bully, and he really seems to resent everybody he hangs out with. [So you're describing yourself, then? --ed.]

Fixer works at Tosche Station, and since the owner isn't there very often, he basically runs the place himself. Thus, everybody hangs out there to tinker on their speeders and whatnot. When Luke went to tell everyone about the space battle happening above their heads, Fixer was the only one not to look through the electrobinoculars (focused instead on his girlfriend), but was still ready to ridicule Luke.

Like Camie, Loneozner is wearing normal Tatoonian clothing, though he has chosen to accessorize his "cream shirt/brown pants" ensemble with what appears to be a leather jacket. A leather jacket. In the desert. Obviously Fixer wasn't the brains of their little group. He's sculpted with an oddly wide stance, and the detail on his legs seems unusually soft. Below the waist, he looks like a much older figure.

Fixer was played by Anthony Forrest, and the figure looks just as much like him as Cammie did like Koo. The actor must have been growing his hair out before the scenes were shot, because it was just at the length where your collar makes it push out at the neck. The toy's hair is sculpted the same way, but that just makes him look like he's got a bit of a pseudo-mullet. Not cool, guy.

Apparently Fixer is a lefty, because he includes only one accessory - a small blaster pistol - and it's his left hand that's molded with the trigger finger out. Or maybe, since his right hand is curled, he's making the "finger sex" motion. Probably propositioning Camie. Real class act, that Fixer.

This set, like Comic Pack #56, was an exclusive, and so it's sold in a big fancy fifth-panel window box with a velcro flap on the front. It's set #47 by Hasbro's numbering, and includes a reprint of Star Wars: Empire #8, part one of the four-part "Darklighter" arc. As you may have guessed from the title, the story focuses on Luke's friend Biggs, but Camie and Fixer are both in here as well, since the end of this issue recaps the deleted scenes from Episode IV. It's a good story overall, with really nice art.

Camie and Fixer are far from famous characters, even among big Star Wars nerds, but they play an important role in the backstory of Luke Skywalker. Neither of them have ever had any sort of merchandise before, and hard as it is to believe, the sculpts are entirely new. When it comes to obscure characters, you could do a lot worse.

-- 01/15/11

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