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Tsui Choi & BARC Trooper

SW: Order 66
by yo go re

In 2007, Target carried an exclusive series of Star Wars two-packs, focusing on the execution of Order 66: the extermination of the Jedi. Well, despite reaching clearance prices in many areas, the sets must have sold pretty well, because Target had a new set in 2008.

Jedi Master Tsui Choi travels to Eriadu at the end of the Clone Wars, encountering a squad of clones including BARC troopers.

Sold in a big tube, the Order 66 packs all feature one Clone Trooper and one doomed Jedi - with the noteable exceptions of the sets featuring Palpatine or Vader. It's a good opportunity to fill the ranks of your clone army, or pick up a figure you might have missed the first time it was released. Or in one case, a figure that had never been released anywhere before.

Tsui Choi is a Jedi version of one of the podracers from Phantom Menace - namely, the little blue guy who screams as he crashes into a cave wall and explodes. Awww! Even in horrible death they're adorable! He was due to appear in Revenge of the Sith, but Shaak Ti's stubborn refusal to die meant he got bumped from the Jedi Council scenes. His model does still appear in the film, however, riding on a giant bug on the Wookie homeworld.

Choi is only slightly bigger than Yoda, standing 2½" tall thanks to his pointy head. He's actually pretty cute, with his tiny teeth and gills on his jawline. His robes are detailed nicely, and his two-fingered hand can clutch his green lightsaber well. The figure is wearing a real cloth robe that has a thin wire along the lower edge, so you can make it flex realistically.

This little Jedi is painted nicely. He's mostly blue, but with a bit of tan, as well. His eyes are crisp and clear, and he has three different shades of brown for his robes - not even counting the dark outer robe. He's also well articulated for a small figure, with balljointed neck, shoulders and ankles, and swivel wrists, waist and hips. It's enough for plenty of energetic poses.

The clones who tried to "Order 66" Tsui Choi were led by a red-striped Clone Commander (who may or may not have been Commander Deviss - such are the perils of everyone looking and dressing exactly alike), but since we already have a figure of that, it would be boring. Instead, we get one of the subordinates, giving us a new kind of clone. Kitbashed from existing pieces, but still new.

The figure is built on the same basic superposeable clone body we've been seeing for a few years now, with a repainted version of Commander Neyo's helmet. No word on why, if this guy is a BARC trooper, he's on foot: the "B" stands for "Biker." It's not a helmet we've seen a lot of yet, however, so it's a fine choice. It's just slightly wider than the average trooper helmet, with less of a flare at the bottom.

Clony has balljointed ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, chest and neck, and simple swivels and the hips and wrists. His armor is accented with yellow, and he has dirty smudges and his legs and back. The interior of his shoulder and ankle joints are molded from yellow plastic so we don't have to worry about the color scraping off. Tsui's actions during Order 66 are shown in the Purge one-shot (another great reason to check out that excellent story), and though we don't see a clone trooper who looks exactly like this, they do have yellow stripes, and there is one carrying a huge gun, just like this figure.

The design isn't the same - the one in the comic looked like a bazooka, while this accessory looks like a Gatling gun - but the idea matches up. A clone with a huge gun? Check! Thanks to his plentiful articulation, the clone can hoist the gun onto his shoulder and get both hands on the grips. The figure also includes a communications array antenna that plugs into his back, like many of the clones who use this mold.

Of the 24 figures released through the two Order 66 series, Tsui Choi is the only one unavailable anywhere else. Sure, knowing Hasbro, he'll probably see a solo release at some point in the future, but both he and his clone are good figures, making this set definitely worth your money - at normal retail prices, at least. If all you can find are secondary-market mark-ups, wait for the inevitable single-packed Choi.


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