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Second Sister Inquisitor

SW Jedi: Fallen Order
by yo go re

Ok, who ordered the "sexy Darth Vader" Halloween costume?

A vengeful warrior of the Empire tasked with tracking down Jedi survivors, the Second Sister Inquisitor is driven by her all-encompassing hatred of the Order.

Yesterday was "Triple Force Friday," combining the toy releases for Episode 9, Disney+'s The Mandalorian, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new videogame. The toys seem to be selling pretty quickly, which is a good sign (unless it's just that the stores can't be bothered and aren't putting them out). I couldn't get all the ones I wanted, but I did manage to snag the Second Sister. Fans of Rebels will recognize the Inquistors - they were the ongoing threat during the second season. The Second Sister wasn't one of the ones who appeared on the cartoon, but she's part of the same group (which is an adaptation of a 1987 roleplaying game supplement, of all things).

The Inquisitorius Program doesn't really have a uniform, per se - it's basically just "dress in dark colors and be scary." The Second Sister wears a helmet that, being a rejected "Knights of Ren" design, owes a bit to Ralph McQuarrie's original Darth Vader art, but with a mask that's flat and angular rather than looking like an exaggerated nose and eyes. It's intimidating and completely conceals her identity, so you know what that means: she's secretly Darth Revan!

Below the neck, she could almost pass for an Imperial officer. She's wearing a dark grey fitted jacket with vertical silver bars near the shoulders, and a belt cinching in the waist. her grey pants have red stripes down the outside of the legs, disappearing into her all-black boots. Her gloves are also black, but they have red palms; it's probably meant to be some "she's got blood on her hands" symbolism, but it really just looks like Christian Louboutin has shifted his focus from ankles to wrists. Like she put on her special sex-gloves before heading out for a night on the town killing old Jedis.

Her long black cape has a red lining, matching her jacket, though only the cape gets white Imperial logos on the shoulders. The piece plugs into the top of the figure's shoulders, leaving her with big holes if you want to remove it. Hasbro accounted for this, however, including a pair of extra pauldrons to plug the holes. With the cape off, you can take full advantage of her articulation: ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck. The kind of balljoints they do the heads on now don't have as good of a range of motion as the old "balljoint for the head, hinge for the neck" combo the Black Series used to have, but for now, this is what we get.

All the Inquisitors use the same kind of weapon, a double-bladed spinning lightsaber. There's a little bit of variation from weapon to weapon, as is the case with all lightsabers, but the fundamentals are the same: a central hilt with a ring around the outside. The blades here are removable, but the ring they're emitted from doesn't turn at all. Really? The things were based on a toy that had the spinning feature seven years ago in a smaller scale - why do we not get it today?

I'd much rather have gotten the Seventh Sister than the Second Sister - she's the one who was on Rebels, plus she has those cool pet probe droids. Even getting an alternate head that allowed us to turn this into her (like so many Marvel Legends have had) would have been great. But even if the videogame turns out to be a clunker, this Inquisitor has a stylish design that makes her look like an utter badass.

-- 10/05/19

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