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Transformers Legacy Evolution
by yo go re

Well, this is an unusual way to announce you have a new Hound figure on the way!

Detritus is a mercenary who has no Autobot or Decepticon loyalty, but allies himself with the most profitable partner.

Hey, a buddy for Lord Horror! This is another character who began as an e-Hobby exclusive repaint. Most of their repaints were based on cartoon appearances, early prototypes, or pre-Transformers Diaclone/​MicroChange toy colors, but for whatever reason, this 2004 figure was the first to be fully invented from scratch. Why? Citation needed. He's just a special little guy, I guess. A special little guy with a special place in history.

Detritus (which, side note, I just this week heard someone pronounce "DET-rit-us." No. It's "deh-TRITE-us") was just an excuse to get more use out of the 1983 Diaclone Car Robot #12 J59 Jeep molds, but furthering the oddity of the release is the fact, unlike other repaints, e-Hobby hadn't done a plain Hound before Detritus. And didn't do one after! So we're really left to wonder why this character exists.

With that in mind, it's rather appropriate that while Legacy: Evolution Detritus may be a new version of the G1 Hound design, there is no equivalent Legacy Hound. One was leaked over a year ago (October of 2022), but not only has it not been released, Hasbro hasn't even officially announced it yet! This is a "Studio Series" mold, meaning it's meant to mimic the 1986 movie, so the robot is very blocky and square. He doesn't have the humongous feet of the actual G1 toy, but in this case, that's a point in his favor.

Even Detritus' accessories were released early. He's armed with a gold(ish) pistol, a tan rocket launcher, and a gold(is) rocket. Presumably Hound will come with the same things, whenever they finally release him, but they were already available with the Walmart-exclusive "G2 Jazz" figure that came out several months before this figure. The toy has the usual articulation - ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, head - but because the mold didn't originate as Detritus, he's missing the "take these apart and recombine them" gimmick all the other Legacy Junkions have boasted. Sad!

To convert our boy Dets, pull the arms back, rotate the windshield up, lift the entire chest over the head, fold the arms in to the center, unfold the inside of the shins and the feet to the outsides, flip that entire assembly over and plug it into the sides of the hood, then tip the toes into the passenger compartment.

His altmode is, of course, a jeep. But not a capital-J Jeep, because that would require licensing, so his headlights are in squares and his grille is horizontal. The design is mostly good, but the way the feet fold over to be... "doors," I guess... leave them just sticking out the side of the vehicle in a weird way that feels incomplete. There's a winch on the front bumper that matches the gold(ish) color of the weapons, and the predominant color is a rosy tan - it matches the original toy, which is fine, but it also means it doesn't match the other Junkions. It would have been better with modern hues. In a neat move, he's got a Decepticon logo on his hood, but an Autobot symbol on his arm, to show his lack of any real allegiences.

It's possible the reason Hasbro has delayed Studio Series Hound is because there was just a Walmart reissue of the actual G1 toy, and they felt like the two would have conflicted? But it's still weird Detritus is the first official hint that it might even exist. The toy would have been a lot more fun if he could actually mix with the other current Junkions, but since the G1 character's bio involved him breaking from his race and wanting to form his own new Junk empire, even that kind of makes sense. But being able to excuse something is not the same as it being the right choice. Detritus is good, but he could have been better.

-- 11/28/23

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