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Transformers ROTF
by yo go re

Reach for the sky!

Constructicon Hightower combines with his comrades to form Constructicon Devastator.

Yes, Hightower gets the same uninformative bio as Scrapmetal, because neither of them actually did anything. Hightower doesn't even get the distinction of being torn to pieces by his friends! In fact, until some concept art surfaced, it was believed he didn't even have a robot mode at all.

And that's a shame, because Hightower's got one of the more interesting bodies to come out of the movies. Rather than looking like a metal human - even one with weird animal legs - Hightower looks the way a robot created from construction equipment would probably turn out in real life: a compact central body with mechanical legs that stick out of the sides rather than coming out the bottom; that way they can support the weight, rather than trying to balance the weight. He has grabby little T rex arms, and what can best be described as a scorpion tail poking up over his back.

The robot's head sticks out from the center of the chest, extending forward on a long, segmented neck from between the bars of the roll cage that covers the chest. The head itself fits with the movie Decepticon aesthetic, being all pointy and evil-looking. It looks like a dark grey face wearing a yellow helmet for protection.

The articulation is great. It's all in the legs, of course, but each of them has eight different joints, so he can be stable on pretty much any kind of terrain - something else that would be important for a real-world construction bot. The arms swivel, the neck has hinges at both ends, the head is on a balljoint, and the claw on the tail can swing back and forth, but it can't open or close.

All those leg joints do make converting Hightower a little complex - it's hard to remember excactly how they're meant to fold up underneath him.

The altmode is a truss crane, with a grabber instead of a hook. It looks like a standard piece of construction equipment, all black and yellow, though there's silver in the middle of the treads and blue for the windshield. It measures 3⅛" wide, more than 5" tall, and at most 7" long, and the crane arm can be repositioned.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Hightower('s non-roboty altmode) combined with an unidentified bulldozer to form Devastator's left hand. For this toy, he combines with Scrapmetal, who is decidedly not a bulldozer, but does form the left hand. Hightower is basically the thumb! It doesn't look like anything at all by itself, so will likely be greatly helped by being joined with the others.

Even without being able to form part of Devastator, Hightower is a really cool robot that's a ton of fun to play around with, and it's not something we've really had before.

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-- 09/24/19

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