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Secret Invasion
by yo go re

By him, this can't be happening!

Talos, a celebrated Skrull warrior, grapples with what it means to be a leader as he finds himself at odds with those closest to him.

Obviously we don't expect (or even want) every Marvel project to be a direct adaptation of the comics, but if you're going to use a name, it should at least have some relation to the plot. Secret Invasion, in the comics, was about Skrulls coming to Earth and replacing key superheroes as part of a long-simmering revenge plot; despite the fact this show has been in the works for years, years in which Marvel Studios could have picked some important characters to be secretly aliens and thus done a little foreshadowing, all the Skrulls managed to do in this version was replace a few mid-tier government agents, a couple of press people, and a bunch of street randos. They were secret, but they hadn't invaded.

Part of the problem was a lack of tension: Winter Soldier nailed the "who can we trust" thing perfectly, and did it in two hours with no set-up; Skrulls can look like literally anyone, but they all just always turn into the same person? Why's Talos the only one who ever becomes Ben Mendelsohn? Imagine if Fury was having a conversation with him and halfway through realized he was talking to an anemy. Imagine if Talos secretly was an enemy. Imagine if anything at all unexpected happened before the last episode.

Talos is just wearing normal clothes this time, but the figure still gets new molds. It's not that they didn't already have a button-up shirt and jeans, but the torso needed to be new for reasons that will become apparent later, and at that point they might as well give him some new pantlegs, too. Not sure why the existing jean legs wouldn't work, but more variety is (generally) welcome. The arms and jacket are reused, but they look perfectly fine here.

Talos' articulation is a little different than usual: he's still got all the typical stuff (ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and neck), but the head and neck are molded together, rather than the head being on a balljoint on top of the neck. Why the change? Well, because this isn't Director Krennic, it's Talos, and so he comes with parts to change him from human to Skrull. Just changing the head wouldn't be enough, if it left a pink neck behind, so the head and neck go together. It's nice that switching the head and hands can make such a difference - especially since he doesn't have any other accessories. Honestly, they could have given him a third set, so we could play Far From Home too.

We do get the Hydra Stomper Build-A-Figure's right leg, though.

Obviously, making Talos be a villain in Secret Invasion would have undone the good work that Captain Marvel did, but then, isn't that what happened in Secret Invasion anyway? Comic Skrulls are angry, murderous enemies; MCU Skrulls were gentle friends. Until this show decided they shouldn't be. Nick Fury was a boring figure, but Talos is a bit better, thanks to being able to change forms.

-- 11/27/23

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