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Agatha Harkness

by yo go re

...all along?

Sorceress Agatha Harkness was rejected by her own coven long ago. In Westview, she pretends to be Wanda and the Vision's nosy neighbor to learn more about Wanda's powers.

It's nice to have a reminder of just how very good Wandavision was as a show. Its themes, its writing, its execution, all top-notch, and all exemplified by Agatha Harkness. The character of "Agnes" is such a stock sitcom trope that nobody questions her presence in Wanda's life until it's too late. Like the song says, she's "so perfidious, that you haven't even noticed" what she was up to in the periphery.

In the comics, Agatha Harkness is an old crone, both because she's a reference to the 1950s EC horror comics style of witches, and because it means she doesn't have to pay full price at the movies; on the TV show, Agatha Harkness is a total fox, because she's played by Kathryn Hahn. Speaking of whom, why don't we have a Spider-Verse Olivia Octavius yet?

This figure is definitely Agatha, not Agnes (her first attempt at a secret identity, "Athahark," was just too common and plain to be believable): instead of wearing any period-appropriate costumes, she's wearing... well, I guess it's still era-appropriate, it's just that that era pre-dates television. Comic Agatha dresses like a Victorian governess, with a stiff collar and a shawl; the live-action costume honors those roots, but gives the dress a wrapped pattern that keeps her from looking like a museum mannequin. She's still got a full collar and hoke covering her neck, and a brooch of some sort hangs just below her throat. Her shawl is a separate piece just held on by the figure's hair - but she has such a large head of thick, curly hair, that that thing isn't going anywhere!

Even as just an ancillary character in other people's stories, Agatha was important enough to get a signature color: she was typically depicted in blue or purple, and the MCU has kept that alive. Her dress is dark, with a lighter patch for the chest and a white collar. Her drape is purple, but cast from a translucent plastic to best match the materials used in the on-screen costume. The toy's bemused smile is accented by Photo Real paint, and she gets the black paint apps on her fingertips to show the use of dark magic. Beneath the dress, only her feet have a detailed sculpt: the rest of the leg is just smooth black plastic.

Though there are legs, don't expect to get much articulation out of them - even with the usual joints there, the dress is just too restrictive to do anything substantial with them. Plus, the way her sleeves hang down at the elbow mean she'll just have large spikes of cloth sticking off her if she does anything other than let her uper arms hang straight down (at least the shawl being sculpted like it's billowing in the wind makes those look a bit more natural). Then, on top of that, she has so much hair, you can barely even turn the head on its balljoint, let alone use the hinge in the neck to tip it up or down! So functionally, the only joints we get are the balljointed waist, the ankles and shoulders (to an extent), and the swivel/hinges in the elbows and wrists.

These molds could possibly be used to make a 616 Agatha Harkness if Hasbro wanted, but this is still a figure without much re-use potential, which may be why she doesn't include any accessories. Really, guys? Not even energy swirls? Or the Darkhold, since she's the one who originally had it? We do get the jetpack and head(s) from the Hydra Stomper Build-A-Figure, at least.

Agatha Harkness was a great inclusion in Wandavision, and it's a ton of fun that one of the least likely characters to ever get any action figure at all is now a Marvel Legend.

-- 10/30/23

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