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Pre-Curse Medusa

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.
by yo go re

Researchers have found that major life events will only temporarily change a person's standard mood. If someone is generally happy and has a good outlook on life, but they then suffer a major trauma (for instance, being paralyzed in an accident), they may get bitter or depressed for a while, but eventually they'll go back to being as happy as they were before; similarly, someone who's a total grump could win the lottery, and eventually they'd still be a gigantic grump. We all have our own psychological baseline to which we default.

The once beautiful Medusa was a glory to behold. One of three alluring Gorgon sisters, Medusa's visage was by far the most amazing. Although the Gorgon sisters could turn men to stone at will, Medusa had never exercised this cruel magic. All she wanted was to please the gods and gain their favor. She quickly caught the eye of Poseidon and he pursued her. Reaching out to Athena for protection, she was trapped in Athena's temple, cornered and brutalized by the sea god. Viewing this as a desecration of her temple, an infuriated Athena cursed Medusa, stripping away her beauty and turning her into the most monstrous of the Gorgons. The loveless and vengeful Medusa left a pile of shattered stone men and gods in her wake, seeking only retribution and destruction.

So at last we learn a little more about Boss Fight Studio's version of Medusa! Her origin is the same, but she was partially snakey beforehand, and could have always turned people to stone? So, what, her curse was simply to get more snakey? That's not much of a curse. "You no longer have legs, and also don't menstruate." Seems like she made out okay in the deal.

Pre-Curse Medusa does not have as angry a look as post-curse Medusa - no fangs, no open mouth, no forked tongue, no hissing... she just looks like a perfectly pleasant woman. It's a bit hard to tell, thanks to the different colors, but she seems to use the same head as Euryale, just with the existing Medusa hair plugged in on top.

Since PCM uses the standard female body, she has more than her face in common with little sis Eurayle. Her body is green, rather than skintone like her two sisters, but she's been raiding their closets: from Euryale, she gets a simple top and a skirt with serpentine straps; and from Stheno, she gets the scaly bracers. The cloth she wears is solid black (including her underwear, so clearly she wants to have sex some day), while the non-cloth bits, like the straps holding up her shirt or the jewelry, are silver. She doesn't get any of Euryale's arm- or leg-bands, sadly.

Of course, you can dress her however you want, since all the clothes on all the figures are removable. Modular parts and standardized articulation for the win! "Pre-dusa" has a balljointed head and neck; swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows and wrists; a balljointed torso; balljointed hips; double-hinge knees; and swivel/hinge ankles. As usual, she gets the alternate hands with the hinges running the opposite way (north/south instead of east/west), meaning you can choose how you want her to wield her weapons.

The weapons she has are the same as regular Medusa: a whip and a dagger, both made from snake bones. They were excellent accessories when they came with the first figure, and they're still excellent accessories now.

Pre-Curse Medusa may not be as amazingly cool as the full-on-cursed Medusa, but that's only because she has human legs instead of a big cool tail. But hey, thanks to the way you can swap pieces around, you can put a happy, gentle Medusa torso together with a mighty Medusa tail, and create your own "I've gotten over it and am happy being me again" version! After all, being turned into a snake may be a trauma, but if Medusa was really a sweet and good person before it happened, eventually she'd be one again.

-- 01/27/17

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