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Venomized Miles Morales

Venom Legends
by yo go re

Told you Cap wasn't the only hero Venomized.

When the Venom symbiote attaches to Miles Morales he gains extreme new powers.

"Extreme" new powers? What, like blue raspberry?

This figure is based not on the comics, but rather on Disney XD's Spider-Man cartoon - the logo on the front of the packaging confirms it. (The comic-based figures just say "Venom" in a tendril-y font.) In the show's Season 3 "Maximum Venom" event, the Avengers come back from space having been taken over by symbiotes, and it's up to Spidey and his amazing friends to save the day. Spoiler alert: a bunch of untrained teens are not exactly a match for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which is why this Miles has been taken over by a symbiote.

The majority of the toy uses an existing mold - Hasbro has used their teen boy body fives times, and Miles has been three of them. That standard sculpt takes care of everything between the neck and the ankles: the feet are new, because they're huge and have claws coming off the toes; his new hands are similarly oversized, and the forearms, biceps, and shoulders all have sculpted Venom veins running on them, requiring new molds as well.

The big newness is the head, however. The transition from Miles to Venom was an easy one, since he was already wearing black, but his large white eyes are now jagged, and there's an open mouth instead of solid mask covering his chin. The jaw - the entire head, frankly - is rather pointed, and the teeth in his mouth are typical Venom-style fangs.

Miles (whose supranym in the show is either Kid Arachnid or Spy-D) wears pretty much the same costume as his Ultimate/616 counterpart: mostly black, with a little red on the hands and a red outline up by the shoulders. Venomized Miles keeps the same basics, but the red creeps off his hands and up his forearms, is matched by red now on his feet, and instead of a small spider symbol surrounded by webs, the chest is covered by a massive spider logo - not the same one Venom wore, but a similar idea, one which maintains the outline of the normal costume. The "webbing" on his mask is created by thin tendrils snaking their way out from the lining around his mask's eyes, which is a very cool look.

Miles has no accessories, and he's very small, so he gets a substantial part of the Build-A-Figure Venompool: the left arm, complete with alternate hand.

Miles got his first symbiote in the comics: Carnage infected him with one during his whole "let's wake Knull" thing. But the idea to give him one in the cartoon came first, with the concept art being done before the comics joined in on the fun. This is the first time any design has been made into a toy, though.

-- 11/16/20

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