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Legendary Red Lion

Voltron: Legendary Defender
by yo go re


The fiery Red Lion is incredibly fast and, as the right arm of Voltron, wields the Blazing Sword!

This audacious Lion matches its pilot Keith's fiery temper with weapons like the plasma cannon and heat ray. It requires a pilot that can carve out their own path. The Red Lion is also the fastest of all lions and requires a pilot who relies more on instincts than skill. This Lion is never afraid to push its limits in order to defend the team and will never back down from a fight.

The Blue Lion was on Earth, and the Yellow and Green Lions were on different planets, (and the Black Lion was never lost at all), but when the Red Lion was located, it was already in custody on a Galra warship. Custody? Or possession? Can you take custody of an inanimate object, or does that only apply to people? And since the lion-robots are kind of alive anyway, does the distinction even matter. Whatever, the bad guys had already found it and had it locked up in storage.

Naturally, the Red Lion is the same general size and shape as its counterpart from the other side of the body, the Green Lion, so it's one of the smaller Lions. The general design is that of a silver creature wearing colored armor. All we can see of its "skin" is the neck, midriff and legs, with the rest being hidden behind a protective layer. The armor is a bit thinner than it was on Green, but it's not as big a difference as there was between Yellow and Blue.

Red has the sleekest, pointiest head of the bunch. The ears are sharp triangles, and there's an air intake vent on the scalp in between them. The armor on the cheeks isn't as broad as the others', but the giant discs on the cheeks keep him from looking thin. Going along with the usual "fire user also has a bad temper" thing, the brow has lines that make the Lion look angry. The Red Lion is the only one where the bridge of the nose is white, and the only one with a smooth upper lip. Plus, the bump on the chin is very short, not extending upward to the mouth.

Since the Red Lion forms Voltron's right arm, the mouth is spring-loaded to shut automatically and serve as a functioning hand. Beyond that, the toy has swivels in the hips and shoulders, hinges at the paws, another hinge in the front legs and two more in the back. The head swivels, and there's a joint in the waist that provides both a hinge and a swivel, making this one Lion that's very poseable. You can even swivel the tail around if you want to.

Additionally, there's a large panel on the chest that can snap open to deploy the Red Lion's speeder. Speeders are not only the way the pilots access their Lions, they can also be used to travel around on planets in spaces where the Lions would be too big to navigate. Each speeder gets a unique design, and Red's has two windshields and a forked front end. The promotional images showed much more complex paint apps, but it would have been easy to skip including these at all, so we're not going to cry about that too much.

Voltron's pilots, known as the Paladins, are each armed with a weapon called a "bayard" - the creature it's named after looked like a normal horse, but could change size to accommodate any number of riders, just like the bayard changes into whatever kind of weapon best suits its user. It can also be plugged into the Lion's dashboard to give it new weaponry. This toy includes a gigantic rail gun that can attached to the lion's back and fire a translucent blue projectile. Cleverly, each of the Lions in this line uses a different size of projectile, so you don't have to worry about giving the wrong missile to the wrong toy.

If you buy this figure alone, you also get part of Voltron's sword - Green comes with the other half.

The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It's faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone. The combinable Red Lion toy is about 7½" long, not counting the tail, which is bigger than it really needs to be, but at least you know the combined Voltron will be a big mighty beast.

-- 09/11/18

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