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X-Men 60th Anniversary
by yo go re

Really, this one?

From their new headquarters in the Australian Outback X-Man Rogue faces off against dangers in the Savage Land and Genosha putting her ability-absorbing mutant powers to the test.

I feel like there should be some commas in that sentence somewhere. Also, while she did wear this costume for a single brief trip to the Savage Land (during the Evolutionary War crossover), she never wore it to Genosha: she switched into it from normal clothes (ie, her previous costume) before engaging the Genoshans in a fight, but the way she and Wolverine got to the country was a Genoshan mutant called Pipeline with the power to digitize people and send them like a fax; people, but not their clothes. Cue the four-page Rogue and Wolverine nude fight scene! [dare you to make that two-pack, Hasbro! --ed.] If they really wanted to talk about times when she was wearing this suit, they could have gone with fighting demons during "Inferno."

Rogue's costumes have been a perfect way of charting her growth as a character. Although the art didn't reflect it, it's important to remember that in her first appearance, Rogue was still a teenager, so she dressed the way a teenager not confident about her body would: loose clothes, baggy jacket... you know the deal. After that she wore a massive poncho, then formless overalls, then a clingy bodysuit that she still covered with various oversized garments. This is a small evolution of that final one, keeping the black bodysuit, but topping it with a green swimsuit and long boots and gloves. This is a smaller mold than previous Rogues, and she uses a smooth chest, rather than any of the ones that had a sculpted top that would have suited her green better than just being painted on.

This figure is based on Jimmothy Scott Campbell's variant cover for 2019's Uncanny X-Men #620 - not just the illustration on the side of the box, but the control art, as well. She's got the same sort of smile, and the strands of her giant hair even fall in quite the same way. It's nice work, but there is one minor issue: the paint.

In a very subtle example of an attempted retcon, Marvel seems hell-bent on having us all believe that's Rogue's skunk stripe is actually just a skunk spot: that she has white bangs, with the rest of her hair being brown. And if that's what they want it to be now, then that's their prerogative, they own the character and can do with her what they want. But at the time this costume is taken from, the white in her hair most definitely went all the way back, so this toy being fully brown back there was the wrong choice. (If you want to get really technical, she also had spiky '80s hair at the time, not soft curls like this, so we're already making some allowances; what's one more?)

Rogue's limbs are new enough to have the pinless joints, which means double elbows instead of single. It's a minor improvement, but it is an improvement. Her hair is thick enough to keep her head from tiling back, a cardinal sin for a flying character; I wonder if it would be possible to put a big hinge in hair like this somewhere? She has no accessories, just alternate fists to replace the open hands. She doesn't get the "holding a glove" hand, because these opera gloves are way too long for that.

This isn't one of Rogue's most famous costumes, but it is the one where she became a fully confident adult woman, pivoting her into the role she's had ever since. The sassy Jim Lee/Animated Series Rogue could never have existed without her switching out of the oversized hoodies and into some fitted clothes. But I'm not going to lie to you and say there are no other costumes I'd have prefered Hasbro to make before this one.

-- 07/28/23

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